About Grassmatch

We help medical marijuana patients and caregivers save up to 50%

How does Grassmatch work?

Grassmatch gets rid of middlemen - like dispensaries - and directly connects patients to medical marijuana growers (caregivers). Through our website, growers and patients can find and communicate with each other - legally and safely.

Where can you use Grassmatch?

You can use Grassmatch in Michigan, California, Oregon, Maine, Colorado, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. These states allow medical marijuana patients to buy marijuana directly from growers (caregivers).

Is Grassmatch Free?

Patients can join and use Grassmatch for free.

Growers (caregivers) can get basic accounts for free too. Growers with lots of activity in Grassmatch pay a modest monthly fee.

Why can you trust Grassmatch?

Patients want quality medications, professionalism, safety, and security. Grassmatch is the only online marijuana matching service designed specifically for these concerns.


Patients and growers (caregivers) can rate and review each other, which builds trust between otherwise anonymous people.

We Check Cards

Whether you're a medical marijuana grower or a patient - we check that you have your medical marijuana card. We do this without exposing your identity to the outside world.

What do we do with your personal information?

You are rightfully concerned about exposure to authorities, employers, family members, and others.

We protect your personal information in many ways to comply with our policy of strict confidentiality.

We use your information ONLY to match patients with growers (caregivers). Other members do not see your email address, phone number, full name, or other details.

We store all member information in encrypted databases. We entirely remove obsolete member information such as old messages and inactive members from our databases.

We continually examine usernames and profiles to detect and remove personally identifying information.

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