10 things a great Medical Marijuana Caregiver will do

Medical Marijuana Caregivers supply patients with cannabis for medicinal reasons.  This is the only thing that, by definition, separates a caregiver from a garden variety pot dealer.

Picking a caregiver is a lot like picking an employee, it can seem Daunting – but often the tell-tale signs are right in front of your face.  Don’t be afraid of this task, most caregivers are great. Lets get to the list of what makes a good caregiver:

1) They show up on time.

You can imagine how annoying it is for a patient to schedule a meeting with a caregiver – only to have that caregiver not show up. Being punctual shows you are professional, and that there is no funny business going on behind the scenes. Patients have more choice than ever in Caregivers and if you don’t show up? You might just get replaced by someone who does.

2) They are dressed well

Most patients like to keep a good public image – and a caregiver that shows up poorly dressed and/or stinky to a meeting can really tarnish that image. DOUBLE that if the caregiver shows up in a shirt with a pot leaf, marlboro special shirt, etc.  That doesn’t mean that a caregiver should show up in a suit and tie – but good caregivers should ask themselves: “Do I blend in with the neighborhood?” If the answer is no, you need to shape up your wardrobe.

I once got a visit from a caregiver whose shirt read “Smoke Weed Everyday”. While I think it’s funny, I also take it as a sign of immaturity.  Surely it’s better for business to be a little discrete?

3) They have a decent car

Driving marijuana around is a typical and necessary part of being a caregiver. This is a really simple one – do they drive a run-of-the mill, non-suspicious vehicle? It needn’t be a Bentley nor an F-150 (America’s best selling vehicle), it just needs to be decent. A caregiver that drives around with a loud stereos, loud exhaust, broken lights, bad license, illegal tints, very large rims, etc is just asking for trouble .  Home delivery needn’t be scary, and can be just as convenient and awesome as getting a pizza delivered. But if you are troubled or annoyed before your caregiver even steps out of his car, move on to the next pick.

4) They offer a variety of Cannabis Products

A good caregiver should offer a variety of cannabis products on a regular rotation. That means different strains, different extracts, and a menu big enough to satisfy their patient.  That doesn’t mean that, as a caregiver, you should try to satisfy every possible patient or keep up with every possible new trend. That is a black hole that can turn your quality upside down. Instead, a caregiver should offer their new patients a variety of products and ask them what they like.

5) They tailor the medicine to you

A good caregiver knows what their patients like. It’s no good if a caregiver sells out of their patients favorites quickly and then is left only with unloved products.

Patients, this is a learning process for a caregiver – even a really, really good one. If you are a new patient, you might have to wait a few months for your caregiver to shuffle things around and produce your favorites – especially if you require large quantities of Marijuana.The important thing is that they make the commitment to you to produce the products you want and have them available for you.

6) They offer a reasonable price

A good caregiver charges substantially less for his medication (or offers substantially better quality) than any nearby dispensary.  In fact, a caregiver should be able to supply you with medication at roughly 60% the cost of a dispensary. That is a big reason to seek out and keep a good caregiver.

Check out priceofweed.com for an idea of what marijuana goes for in your area, and also dispensary prices through thcfinder.com or leafly.com

7) They have good quality marijuana

A thousand things can go wrong in a grow operation, and often new caregivers find themselves overwhelmed with problems. I assure you, this is usually caused by improper planning and misinformed individuals rather than just bad luck.

Consuming a caregivers marijuana before  selecting them is best. But if you can’t there are a number of tell tale signs of bad pot – and you’d be surprised how often obviously bad pot is sold to unsuspecting patients. If you are a new medical patient, I advise you to read my next post 6 Ways to Tell if your Weed is Good.

8) They pass a background check

It’s one thing to have a pot possession misdemeanor in your past, it’s another thing entirely to beat your wife and rob your neighbor. No state licenses serious felons to be a caregiver. This is a very good thing! As a patient – you won’t know this unless you fill out your paperwork with the caregiver and wait for the state to get back to you.

Instead, I recommend you run a background check using your State’s online background check tool. In Michigan, the system is called iChat and it works wonders. You will need your potential caregivers full name and date of birth, and it won’t tell you about out-of-state crimes – but it’s a good start.  It is also a good idea to just ask your caregiver about their record – if they are professional and good at their jobs they’ll understand.

9) They are knowledgeable

Do they understand the difference between a sativa and an indica? Do they understand when they should harvest? Curing techniques? As a patient you rely on your caregiver to be knowledgeable. Lucky for you, I’ve compiled a list of 5 gotcha questions to ask potential caregivers.

10 They say no to drugs

OK, OK, I can feel the irony too. However, it is important that your caregiver does not abuse any drug – especially hard drugs.  Crackheads, pillheads,  heroine junkies, and alcoholics simply make bad caregivers. You’d be surprised what people will tell you if you ask them directly. A straightforward question like “how many drinks do you have in a week” or “do you do any drugs besides marijuana” deserve a straightforward response.


Even though picking a caregiver can seem like a daunting task – I assure you that most caregivers out there are quite good. And now that you can spot the bad ones from a mile away – you are over-prepared to make a good decision!

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