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6 Steps to obtaining Medical Marijuana in Mi

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How do you obtain Medical Marijuana in Michigan?

1)      First, obtain a physicians recommendation for Marijuana. Physician recommendations usually come from a Marijuana Certification Specialist. You can find them with a quick google search such as “Marijuana Doctor + “city name” in Google. Or use a service like Be sure to call the clinic and ask them for their complete policies. You will leave the clinic with a complete application – just not totally filled out yet.

2) If you want to grow your own Marijuana, you may complete the state of Michigan Application and specify NO CAREGIVER. “NO CAREGIVER” cards are also often used to:

A) Make one-time purchases of marijuana

B) As legal protection for street purchases / possession of marijuana

C) Make Marijuana purchases from certain dispensaries and clubs. ( or are very good sites to compare dispensaries and get reviews)

3)     If you decide you want a caregiver, I.E. a professional to regularly purchase Medical Marijuana From – you could find them by making a quick patient profile at and browsing through caregiver profiles. A caregiver could also be a friend, family member, or just any Marijuana Farmer you happen to know and like.  Any caregiver you select will need to fill their portion of your MMMP application.

4) MAKE AND KEEP COPIES OF YOUR COMPLETE APPLICATION.  With the application completed and payment enclosed you, or your caregiver, will need to send the application into the State of Michigan.

5) Once your application is approved by the state, with or without a caregiver, you are legally allowed to purchase and possess up to 2.5 ozs of marijuana from anyone in the state.

You will eventually receive either a rejection letter – which is typically just a response from the State letting you know they need more information (e.x. you filled out your app incorrectly) or… Your shiny new Medical Marijuana Card!

Now for some good to know info!

1)      It is  illegal to sell marijuana outside of a caregiver/patient relationship in Michigan.

2)      It is unlawful to keep marijuana in a moving vehicle anywhere else but in a locked case, preferably in the trunk but definitely out of reach of the vehicles occupants

3)      A caregiver is simply a person that supplies you with Marijuana in accordance with state laws.

4)      A good caregiver will take the time to figure out what works best for you and will have it available for you consistently. We’ve got a lot more information about that here and in the rest of this blog.

5)      Good caregiver services are rarely free. Prices vary, but extremely high quality medication can be had for $200 / oz through a qualified, professional caregiver.

6)     It is extremely easy, and inexpensive ($10), to change from a “NO CAREGIVER” card to a “CAREGIVER” card. The same $10 and the same “MMMP Change Form” can be used to switch caregivers as well.

I am not a lawyer, and this is not legal advice.

The state of Michigan has a comprehensive FAQ about Medical Marijuana here. My friends over at A2wellness also put together a nice FAQ here.

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