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Why use Grassmatch instead of a Medical Marijuana Dispensary?

The way dispensaries work is very simple. Medical marijuana dispensaries purchase bulk marijuana from caregivers. Then they sell that marijuana to you at twice the cost. It’s a totally normal retail operation! At Grassmatch, we like that Medical Marijuana Dispensaries exist. They can be quite convenient.

But medical marijuana dispensaries do have a lot of overhead. In addition to the money they pay caregivers they need to pay for:

  • Rent
  • Advertising
  • Budtenders
  • Receptionists
  • Legal costs
  • Business taxes
  • Sales taxes

…and still have enough left over for profit. It’s not rocket science! Buying from a medical marijuana dispensary is going to cost you thousands more every year.

How Grassmatch Works

Grassmatch Caregivers can sell you medical marijuana without any of that overhead. Medical marijuana patients can save THOUSANDS per year by buying direct from grower.

10 Best Medical Cannabis Strains to Treat Anxiety

Medical Cannabis is an effective treatment for Anxiety, and you will find its mention in ancient Indian medical literature, which says that cannabis helped people to deliver from worries and care. Modern day research tells us that the relationship between medical marijuana and anxiety treatment is bit more complex. It is true that medical cannabis is effective to reduce anxiety, but reports also show trend that frequent marijuana users have higher level of anxiety.

Anxiety Disorders – What Are They?

Anxiety disorders are expressed in many forms. All of which involves excess amount of worrying and uneasiness, apprehensions and fear. Some common forms include:–

Anxiety is more of a natural occurrence for people who suffer from severe impairment from the worries. Approximately, 18 percent of Americans and 14 percent of Europeans suffer from some form of anxiety disorder.

How is Medical Marijuana going to help?

Studies have shown that an endocannabinoid system plays a major role in anxiety. Cannabinoid receptors serve as the binding site for a high concentration of cannabinoids in certain parts of the human brain responsible for anxiety. It includes areas of the amygdala and hypothalamus.

Recent studies shows patients experience higher level of anxiety when cannabinoid receptors get blocked by drugs such as rimonabant. Regular cannabis users report that medical marijuana helps reduce their anxiety levels drastically. Research shows that endocannabinoid system plays a role in the extinction of bad memories. This explains why medical marijuana is prescribed to PTSD patients.

Interestingly, paranoia and anxiety attacks are some of the most commonly reported. Studies reveal a complex link between cannabinoids. Side effects of marijuana use on anxiety depend on the dosage taken as well as a type of cannabinoids present.


Effect of THC on Anxiety

Studies conducted on both animals and humans reveal a surprising relationship between THC and anxiety disorders. THC has very different effects on anxiety levels depending on the dosage of medical marijuana. THC acts to decrease anxiety with lower doses and increases anxiety with higher doses. On the other hand, experts are of the opinion that pure THC fails to show the effects of marijuana accurately. Cannabis contains more than 60 different cannabinoids. Marijuana also contains a compound called cannabidiol (CBD), several of which are of significant interest in the treatment of anxiety disorders.


Effect of CBD on Anxiety

THC acts mainly on the CB1 receptors found in high concentrations throughout the brain. Studies have shown that CBD plays a major role in regulating anxiety. This research suggests that CBD is a more effective treatment for anxiety than THC. The first study on CBD effect on anxiety was published in 1982. This study showed that CBD could regulate anxiety provoked by THC among eight healthy test subjects. Thus, marijuana rich in CBD may be a better option to relieve patients from anxiety. In 2011, researchers at the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil did two interesting experiments with CBD and anxiety. In the first experiment, 10 medical marijuana patients were given a 400mg dose of CBD. Then a public speaking test was administered to induce anxiety and compare the results to a control group. A similar study involved 24 patients and a 600 mg dose. The results showed that a single dose of CBD takes 90 minutes to reduce anxietyand discomfort during speech delivery.

Looking for the Right Medical Cannabis Strain

After conducting a number of studies, results seem to suggest that certain compounds in medical marijuana have an anti-anxiety effect both for healthy individuals and patients suffering from anxiety disorders. Hundreds of Americans are using medical marijuana to treat symptoms of anxiety each day. However, the search for a strain is a personal journey. Breeders have created hundreds of strains, so which can be the perfect one for anxiety requires human clinical trials. But that is impossible under current federal policy. However, 2.2 million medical cannabis patients in US are conducting trials of their own and sharing their info at websites such as and

Many of the patients are of a mindset that any ol’ strains will do, and the genetic background does not matter. For people without consistent legal access to cannabis, the discussion is often only academic.

If you have access to a variety of cannabis strains, then we suggest try several to see their effect on you first. The chemical profile of the strains differs largely not just from strain to strain, but from grower to grower. We encourage you to look beyond the THC content of a strain.You may find a rich composition of cannabinoids and terpenes perfect for your condition.

Top 10 Medical Cannabis Strains effective to Treat Anxiety Disorders

Depending on the nature of symptoms, you will find strains offering different solutions. Grassmatch presents to you top 10 must try Medical strains to treat anxiety, in no particular order.

    1. Amnesia Haze
      • It comes in two main varieties – more sedative indicas and more energetic sativas. (Sativasare broadly recommends for anxiety as they cause euphoria.Patients differ in their reaction)
      • Amnesia Haze is an 80-20 sativa-dominant hybrid, winning 16 Cannabis Cups.
      • It is the perfect blend of sativas from Jamaica, Laos, Hawaii and Afghani.
      • You can enjoy a fresh, fruity flavor of lemon and citrus
      • It brings head high that breaks up negative thought patterns


    1. Mazar
      • It came second in High Tines’ 1999 Cannabis Cup Winner for the indica strain and was originally named Afghani Skunk.
      • It was renamed to Mazar in 1997
      • This strain has arrived from an area in the Mazar-i-Sharif region in Afghanistan and is of particular appeal to the indica lovers
      • This strain tastes like hash, fruit, citrus, and flowers
      • The strains has strong calming qualities
      • Recommended for medical marijuana patients who require muscle relaxation or looking for a good night sleep.


    1. Crimea Blue
      • Combination of genes from the Ukrainian Hash and Blueberry strains often noted for their complexity
      • It tastes like cheese, sour fruits, spices, and hash and delivers a high that may promote creativity
      • Tends to deliver a mind-altering Sativa-type high, often followed by “couch-lock” and sleep
      • Medicinal values of the strain include treatment to muscle-spasms for multiple sclerosis patients and pain reduction for neuropathy suffered by HIV/AIDS patients

crimea blue

    1. Green Crack
      • Allegedly named by Snoop Dogg, this is popular in SoCal and is in the process of being re-branded as Green Dragon
      • Descended from two genetic lineages – its sativa line descended from Skunk #1 and 75% of the indica variety came from an Afghani Strain
      • A tangy, fruity flavor redolent of Mango, Green Crack is more a preferred daytime medication for medical marijuana patients
      • You will enjoy a cerebral effect that provides creative energy without any fatigue

green crack

    1. Sour Diesel
      • It is a more sativa-dominant version of Chemdawg popularized on the East Coast, noted strongly for their smell and flavor
      • The strain has a very high THC content responsible for head high giving euphoria
      • Fast-acting strain that delivers energizing, dreamy cerebral effects
      • Has a pungent flavor of lemon-fuel and pine


    1. Trainwreck
      • A mind-bending hybrid with potential sativa effects that hits like a freight train
      • A pure mix of Mexican and Thai sativas with Afghani indicas
      • Passes on a sweet lemon and spicy aroma
      • It is quick to bring a surge of euphoria giving rise to creativity and happiness


    1. Island Sweet Skunk
      • Sometimes called Sweet Island Skunk
      • Pungent and tropical
      • 70 percent sativa blend of Skunk#1 (Mexico, Columbia, and Afghanistan) and an unknown sativa
      • Perky upbeat followed up by a soft body buzz
      • Often has an aroma those of grapefruit
      • Some of the varieties of Island Sweet Skunk have a high CBD content to help patients treat anxiety, inflammation, and muscular spasms

island sweet skunk

    1. Bubba Kush
      • Bubba Kush originally a cross between OG Kush and a parent that is the cross between West Coast Dog and Old World Kush.
      • Green House Seeds also cultivates a unique blend of Bubble Gum and Kush
      • It has a sweet, earthy indica strain with genetics tracing back to Hindukush Strains
      • Its main effect is focused on the head, well it is not long before the buzz reaches the rest of the body
      • It is perfect as the evening time medication


    1. Super Silver Haze
      • Super Silver Haze was the first prize winner at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 1997, 1998 and 1999
      • A multiple generation of Haze combines and crosses with some Northern Lights #5 and Skunk#1
      • It is a beautiful and a sticky sativa blend that a sweet, spicy and earthy aroma
      • Boost an energetic, long lasting body high
      • Patients report mostly uplifting, psychedelic effects, and it is great for a long walk

Super silver haze

    1. AK-47
      • Came into being in 1992 by Serious Seeds and has won numerous Cannabis Cup awards for its high THC content
      • It is a blend of Colombian, Mexican, Thai and Afghani varieties bringing together the blend of both their flavors and effects
      • The scent is sour and earthy, and their sweet floral notes can be fully experienced in the taste
      • This sativa dominant hybrid strain delivers long-lasting and steady head buzz that gives your mentally active and engaged in creative and social activities

AK 47

We have performed our survey as per the reviews published in

We would like our readers to pour their thoughts and opinions about various strains they have used or have been using to reduce anxiety.

Whatever your preference, you need to choose the right medical marijuana caregiver to supply your medication. And we know it’s a tough challenge. But, we like to take up challenges. So finding medical marijuana caregiver in Michigan is easy at Grassmatch.

At our legal marketplace, you will get a list of local caregivers with whom you can communicate safely to get the right strain to treat your anxiety related disorders. And guess what it’s all FREE! So Hurry up, Join Now!


Top 10 Marijuana Strains with User Ratings and Medical Benefits

Cannabis or Marijuana is now legal in various US States. It has become legal for both medical and non-medical use in four states Washington DC, Oregon, Alaska, and Colorado. However, there are still countries and states that do not embrace any legal use of marijuana.

But with the growing importance of the medical cannabis, caregivers have become selective about the strains. They are cultivating & researching to prepare the best weed to help patients fight pains and get relief from chronic suffering. Cannabis strains with exotic names are everywhere, and it’s easy to be overwhelmed with choice. Quite a few strains are simply copycats of existing strains; simply with a different name. So it becomes difficult for the medical marijuana patients to choose the best.

Grassmatch have prepared a list of ten best marijuana strains that are popular in 2015 with individual users rating and medical benefits to narrow down your search. You simply need to ask your medical marijuana caregiver, do they have these strains?

Here is a complete list of ten Best Marijuana Strains in 2015 –

Blue Dream
User Rating – 4.2/5

  • Blue Dream is a Sativa Dominant Hybrid originated in California.
  • Created by crossing blueberry – an indica with a sativa haze
  • Blue dream can balance relaxation of body with gentle cerebral invigoration (popular among novice and veteran users as it eases people gently into a calm euphoria.)
  • It has a sweet berry aroma evocative of its blueberry parent

Medical Benefits
Blue Dream provides relief without any heavy sedative effects. And popular daytime medicine for the patients to cure pain, depression, nausea, anorexia, and other ailments in the need of high THC strain. People suffering from insomnia should use it at least 2 hours before bed.


OG Kush
User Rating – 4.2/5

  • Chemdawg and an indica Hindu Kush are the parents of OG Kush, passing on the typical Kush bud structure.
  • OG Kush has a Sativa like euphoric and happy effect that helps to combat stress and anxiety
  • Comes with earthy pine and woody undertones, a signature aroma of the OG Kush varieties

Medical Benefits
It helps to bring improvements in diseases such as migraines, ADD/ADHD, and stress disorders or PTSD.


Green Crack
User Rating – 4.1/5

  • It is said to be a hybrid of Skunk#1, and 75% indica coming from an Afghani Strain,
  • It is marked by its tight bud structure.
  • It induces sharp energy and focus and an invigorating mental buzz to keep you active throughout the day.
  • It has a fruity flavor of mango.

Medical Benefits
Green crack is a perfect daytime medication for medical cannabis patients suffering from fatigue, depression, and stress.


Girl Scout Cookies
User Ratings – 4.3/5

  • GSC is popular hybrid cross between OG Kush, Durban Poison, and cherry pie and originates from California
  • Helps launch users to euphoria and full body relaxation with time-bending cerebral invigoration
  • GSC has won a number of Cannabis Cup Awards for their THC level
  • It has a sweet and earthy aroma

Medical Benefits
Patients who seek strong dose of medical cannabis may look to GSC. It can treat ailments such as pain, nausea, and appetite loss. It is often prescribed for insomnia and helps relieve chronic aches and pains and even symptoms of PTSD. It is prescribed for Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and inflammation.


Grand Daddy Purple
User Ratings – 4.2/5

  • It is a famous indica cross between Purple Urkle and Big Bud and a common crop in California.
  • Introduced in Ken Estates in the year 2003.
  • It has a complex grape and berry aroma inherited from its parent Purple Urkle while Big Bud has passed on its oversized and compact bud structure.
  • Their potent psychoactive effects are clearly felt on both body and mind, with a fusion of cerebral euphoria and relaxation

Medical Benefits
Grand Daddy Purple helps to treat people suffering from pain, stress, insomnia, appetite loss and muscle spasms.


Jack Herer
User Ratings – 4.2/5

  • A Sativa-dominant cannabis strain named after the great marijuana activist and author of The Emperor Wears No Clothes, Jack Herer.
  • It has a lineage combining a Northern Lights #5 and Shiva Skunk cross
  • Sensi Seeds created it to capture both cerebral invigoration in association with natives and heavy resin production of indicas
  • Spicy and pine scented sativa took home many awards for their quality and potency
  • It creates bliss and a clear-head

Medical Benefits
Prepared in the Netherlands in the mid-1990s, it was later distributed by Dutch pharmacies who recognized it as a medical grade strain. It is recognized as an appropriate treatment for stress, anxiety, and mood disorders, and its indica lineage provides an effective treatment for the aches associated with Fibromyalgia. It is chosen for some patients suffering from nausea and cachexia to stimulate appetite and settle upset stomachs.


User Ratings – 4/5

  • A Sativa dominant hybrid mixes Colombian, Mexican, Thai, and Afghani varieties with a complex blend of flavors and effects.
  • It will leave you relaxed and mellow, delivers a long-lasting cerebral buzz to keep you mentally active, and engaged in creative activities
  • The scent and aroma of the hybrid is sour, earthy and sweet.

Medical Benefits
People are suffering from bipolar disorder, depression, and other mood-related disorders may wish to give AK-47 a try. It helps to treat stress, pain, insomnia, anxiety, and loss of appetite, as well as ease nausea and vomiting.


Northern Lights
User Ratings – 4.2/5

  • It is a pure indica cherished for it’s resinous buds, fast flowering capabilities, and resilience in growth
  • It is an indigenous descendant of Afghani landrace strains.
  • It originated in near Seattle, Washington, but was propagated out of Holland after 1985.
  • A sweet and spicy aroma is radiated from the crystal-coated buds
  • The psychoactive effects settles firmly throughout the body, helping to relax muscles and mind with a calm euphoria

Medical Benefits
The comfortable laziness created by NL allows medical marijuana patients to get relief from pain and sleeplessness. Many people choose it for body high, and this weakens the chains of chronic pain. As a strong appetite stimulant it can help people suffering from eating disorders and wasting syndromes.


Sour Diesel
User Ratings – 4.2/5

  • Sometimes called Sour D
  • High cerebral elevating Sativa
  • It has a pungent and a diesel-like aroma
  • Sour Diesel originates from Mexican Sativa and Chemo, but some folklore suggest that Sour D originated from Chemdawg 91, Northern Lights, and an unknown Skunk phenotype

Medical Benefits
Sour Diesel is a top choice among patients to fight ailments such as stress, pain, and depression and it helps to treat chronic fatigue very well.


Blue Cheese
User Ratings – 4.1/5

  • This is an indica-cross created by crossing a Blueberry male with an original UK Cheese, which is a Skunk#1 phenotype.
  • It carries a sweet and savory smell of the berry and blue cheese.
  • It has a creamy and unique flavor
  • This heavy indica will help you feel calm and pleasant at the end of the day

Medical Benefits
A great strain to treat muscular spasms, pains, and stress, as well as anxiety related disorders. Some people also find it helpful to treat sleeping disorder and migraines.


We have performed our survey using the reviews and ratings published in in Leafly, Sensi Seeds, Cannabis Strains, and Wiki leaf. We would like our readers to pour their thoughts and opinions about various strains they have used or have been using as well share their opinion about the listed strains.
To find your kind of cannabis strains, Grassmatch will help you to connect medical marijuana caregivers in their legal marketplace. Try us and look for your caregiver today!

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To find your Medical Marijuana caregiver or patient Join Grassmatch today!


Medical Marijuana Caregivers in Michigan

Medical Marijuana Caregivers in Michigan

What’s the difference between a caregiver and a drug dealer?

A medical marijuana caregiver is a person whom supplies cannabis for any medical reason. Contrast this to a drug dealer, whom almost always supply marijuana (and typically other drugs) for recreational purposes.

A few Medical Marijuana Caregivers in Michigan revel in the fact that others still consider them drug dealers. But most prefer to distance themselves from that label. In my travels I would say that the vast majority of medical marijuana caregivers in Michigan attempt to stay within the letter of the Michigan Medical Marijuana (Marihuana) Law.

Find a Medical Marijuana Caregiver in Michigan



We have made finding a Medical Marijuana Caregiver in Michigan easy. We provide you with a list of local caregivers, you can sort them in a myriad of ways. Create an account and start searching in less than 5 minutes. Grassmatch also certifies caregivers, and provides a way to communicate with them anonymously and safety. You can also read and write reviews. Did we mention this is all free? Pretty sweet deal, if you ask us.

Whats special about Medical Marijuana Caregivers in Michigan?

By definition, a medical marijuana caregiver in Michigan must supply marijuana only to alleviate their own patients symptoms. That is a subtle but very important distinction in the law. People have gone to jail because they failed to understand this.

Lets see how this really works.

Imagine a medical marijuana caregiver in Michigan. This caregiver supplies any patient with cannabis to alleviate their medical conditions. Unfortunately, Michigan may prosecute this caregiver as a drug dealer. Now imagine a caregiver that supplies only their own patients with marijuana. This caregiver doesn’t have a good understanding of their patients medical conditions. The State of Michigan may consider this person a drug dealer.

Remember – if it wasn’t written down it often doesn’t count in court. This is why we recommend caregivers keep a records of their correspondence and follow ups with their patients.

What does a Medical Marijuana Caregiver in Michigan do?

Medical Marijuana Caregivers in Michigan, besides trying to keep themselves out of Jail, typically grow the cannabis they sell. Cannabis prefers a very sunny, 75F, 50% relative humidity environment. Michigan’s weather doesn’t cooperate like that, so many Medical Marijuana caregivers in Michigan take to growing their medicine indoors. At the very least, full time caregivers grow partially indoors and in Greenhouses. Growing is a fascinating and rewarding hobby, but not something I recommend to people with limited free time or those who do not own their own property.

How much money can a Medical Marijuana Caregiver in Michigan Make?

Not very much. To summarize, Medical Marijuana Caregiver in Michigan get 5 patients only. They can only sell marijuana to those patients for their medical symptoms. As noted by many of Michigan’s leading physicians, usually patients can alleviate their symptoms on 1 oz per week or less. Before we get any hate mail, we should tell you that this is just an estimate. Every patient should be evaluated on an individual basis.

Now we need to make some assumptions to figure out what the salary for a caregiver might be. We assume a sale price of $225 / oz, a production price that averages $100 /oz, and patient consumption consistently of 1 oz / wk. The salary for a fully compliant Caregiver in Michigan is thus $30,000 at best.  Realistically, they will make a lot less because only a few patients will need 4 oz/mo consistently. That’s not a lot of money considering Medical Marijuana Caregivers in Michigan risk their livelihood and freedom.

At Grassmatch, we know how important it is for caregivers to keep 5 good patients signed up at all times. Next, they should attack their costs. Did you know, for example, that hydroponic store nutrients are marked up 1600%+ over horticultural grade nutrients? It’s true, we did the math! A high quality horticultural grade fertilizer (Jacks Professional + Calcium Nitrate), modified for use with marijuana crops with a few key ingredients is much cheaper than the store bought “nutes”.

Plus, the sun and many organic fertilizers (compost, worm bins) are virtually free! With these tricks and a few more, we’ve seen costs as low as $37 /oz indoors. Not bad!

Where are Medical Marijuana Caregivers in Michigan Headed?

We can only guess. Pandora’s box has been opened in several other states allowing for the sale of Marijuana recreationally through heavily taxed government approved channels. With costs of $300 per oz and above, naturally the grey market is flourishing. What we do know – growers selling marijuana directly to consumers will continue to be good business.

Marijuana is Now Legal in Washington, DC

70% District voters of Washington DC in the month of November approved a ballot of Initiative 71 This initiative legalized the possession of up to two ounces of marijuana, the cultivation of up to six marijuana plants by individuals aged 21 and up, and the ability to gift up to an ounce of pot to others. The measure went into effect from Thursday; it did not legalize marijuana sales so anyone trying to sale marijuana for profits will still find themselves behind bars. Smoking weed in public is still banned.

At present, marijuana is legal in Washington DC, Colorado, and Alaska and later this Year Oregon will get its legalization. All four states already or will eventually allow sales at retail outlets. However, under federal law, marijuana is still illegal but the Obama administration has avoided enforcing these laws were they conflict with state laws. Pot will face prohibition on federal property such as parks and monuments. Even in federally subsidized public housing, Marijuana remains banned. Initiative 71 aimed not just to create funding for the regulation of substance but also to legalize sales.

What has been the marijuana legalization team looking for?

The team was working hard is to get people recognize that there are at least ten fundamental architectures to legalize marijuana. According to the January report on marijuana legalization for the Vermont Legislature, Jon Caulkins (drug policy expert at Carnegie Mellon University) and other experts outlined 12 alternatives to the current model of prohibition. Among twelve options these five are in most use –

  • Continued prohibition with decreased penalties
  • Commercial sales and legalization
  • Allowing adults to grow marijuana
  • Distribution in small private clubs
  • Ask the state governments to control the supply chain and sell pot
grid-cell-32767-1424913354-11 grid-cell-32767-1424913355-16

Why DC is a testing ground for cannabis reform

Mark Kleiman, a drug policy expert at UCLA, explained in the month of November that with the end of alcohol prohibition in the year 1930 stopped the crime and violence that used to take place due to illicit alcohol market. Further, he added that alcohol marketed to encourage excessive drinking is and continues to present major health and safety problems, causing nearly 88,000 deaths per year

While pot can also become risky for some people. “The main risk of cannabis is losing control of your cannabis intake, “Kleiman recently said. “That’s going to have consequences in terms of the amount of time you spend not fully functional. When that’s hours per day times years, that’s bad.”

And from that perspective of drug policy, experts think that DC would be a great testing ground and unique to initiate marijuana policy. Colorado, Washington State, Alaska, and Oregon will already show whether the commercialization works or not or will organize retail outlets to sell the drug. DC will get a chance to try something else.

What did Congress say about the legalization?

Congress was trying hard to stop the implementation of the law by attaching language to a continuous resolution that passed in December, blocks funding of any sort to legalize marijuana for recreational purpose. House Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, has sent a letter to Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser proposing that Initiative 71 cannot go into effect under the law. Chaffetz shares his opinion saying that legalizing would be wrong, as there are severe consequences if people violate the provision. It is not just any little game.

Within the 30-day layover period, Congress has to review the initiative after it was transmitted in January. During that period, Congress could have easily rejected the proposal using a joint resolution of disapproval. Congress though has not passed such a measure.

A Quick Look at the New Reforms

The law includes the following rules and decision made on Thursday –

  • An adult can carry two ounces of marijuana. And the amount more than that is still illegal and will cause a misdemeanor with a fine of $1,000 or six months in jail.
  • An adult can gift up to one ounce, though selling is banned
  • Not just selling, purchasing of the drug is also not legal. The law prohibits.
  • The law allows growing up to six marijuana plants, but three “mature, flowering plants. These three plants, by the way, are bound to be enormous! At any given time with the provision intended to make it more difficult to grow and sell.
  • The law allows growing of marijuana within the interior of the house and premises, building, or rental unit that constitutes the person’s principal residence.
  • You can consume it in person but cannot legally consume it in public in any fashion
  • Unlike alcohol, marijuana does not possess any legal limit per se, but it is illegal to drive under the influence of Marijuana in any amount.
  • At present, legalization only applies to local DC territory rather you can possess it on any federal land. But exceptions are there such as you cannot have the substance in your possession in National Mall and Capitol.
  • Having pot in possession anywhere might make you stopped by U.S. Park Police of Capitol Police. As per the U.S. Capitol Police’s website, you must not possess pot within a 47-square block radius around the Capitol.

Watch Video: Washington Dc’s New Marijuana Law Explained


However, the fact is that it will remain illegal to sell marijuana. In the midst, Obama proposed allowing pot sales in D.C. by letting city officials use local funds not generated by federal government to create a marijuana tax and regulatory system. In the absence of that get around, city officials have been working on other ways to manage the roll out of the new law.

Legalization of marijuana has given medical marijuana caregivers a strong cause to serve more people suffering from debilitating pains due to chronic diseases. The correct handling of the laws and new reforms can allow the patients to seek medical cannabis easily and with fewer or no hassles.

And to meet the right medical cannabis caregivers we invite you to Grassmatch, a legal marijuana marketplace.


Or, if you prefer higher THC varieties of cannabis:


Don & Annie’s Medical Marijuana Story

We sat down and had a Q&A session with Don. Don is a resident of Michigan and his daughter Annie suffers from a rare form of Epilepsy. Don is an early adopter of Grassmatch, and responded to our request to interview him about his experiences with Medical Marijuana and Grassmatch.


Don was able to use Grassmatch to find a local caregiver specializing in high CBD cannabis strains – in this case Charlotte’s Web. Anecdotal evidence strongly suggests that marijuana strains with high levels of CBD (Cannabidiol) and low levels of THC do not induce the same physiological effects most often associated with marijuana. In laymen’s terms, Annie isn’t getting high – she is getting well.




Don wanted to be very clear that high CBD marijuana was the last in a long line of treatments administered for Annie to help control her seizures. Although Annie’s seizures are controlled now better than ever; no one is suggesting that high CBD marijuana will control your child’s seizures. Don did the right thing in our opinion – he first took his daughter in for traditional treatment, ensured compliance with his doctor’s orders, and kept trying until he found a treatment program that worked for Annie.


Our Interview


Q. How did you find Grassmatch?


A. Well, first I went to the dispensary. I drove about 4 hours both ways to find the medicine I was comfortable with. I told them my story, they gave me what I thought was a good deal. I was happy with that. Then that dispensary got shut down. I was livid but I had a good stockpile of medicine for Annie. I remembered talking to you {Grassmatch’s CEO} online way before Grassmatch was a real thing.


Q. Then what?


A. So I went back and talked to you to see how things were coming [with] your project. You said something like – “Listen, I’ve got this tool for you, it works, sign up and I’ll help you out.” Do you remember what happened after that ? (Laughs)


[I do remember, I went out and found about 30 caregivers willing to try out Grassmatch and help Annie]


Q. What is Grassmatch?


A. It’s a weird awesome site like a mix of eBay, a dating site, and marijuana. (ha) Ok it’s a caregiver matching service that helped me acquire quality medication for Annie. I guess the best thing about it are the features that help you separate the wheat from the chaff.


Q. The wheat from the chaff?


A. Yeah the good from the bad. Listen I’ve been out there and the struggle is real. There are good caregivers and bad caregivers, good patients and bad patients. There are professional people out there, who really care or really need help, I know because I found em’. But how the hell are you supposed to figure out who is who? Well that’s what you thought about when you were making this thing [Grassmatch]… right?


Q. That’s right. So did it help?


A. You know it did man! Well first of all I actually had a way to contact all these nearby caregivers (they are everywhere). Second, the guy I found already had a couple of good reviews under his name. That definitely made me feel better. Then I just messaged the cg (caregiver) and asked a bunch of questions.


Q. What kind of questions did you ask your caregiver?


A. Ok I actually made a list:

How many patients has he [the caregiver] served?

Have he served any patients suffering from Epilepsy?

Do you use pesticides on your crop?

Where can we meet?


Q. Was your information safe with Grassmatch?


A. You tell me smart-guy! Listen, to-date I have not received any extra spam mail. I mean, everything is anonymous until you don’t want it to be anymore. You don’t need to share your face, your name, or whatever unless you want to. You don’t even need to share your email address with other Grassmatch members. You can block anyone annoying you. So I give it an A+ for safety.


[To know more about what Grassmatch does with your personal information, click on the following link:]


Q. Are you happy with Grassmatch?


A. Yes, I am. I found a perfect caregiver in a few days that I am extremely satisfied with. My requirements were not easy, professional, moderate cost, organic, clean, high CDB. I got everything I wanted and I don’t think you can argue with the results. This is a service I’ve been screaming for… for years. I think Grassmatch is the perfect matchmaker between patients and the caregivers. I hope it catches on everywhere.


Q. Anything else you want to say?


A. A few words for your whole team: Thank You for helping me help Annie. Keep up the good work.


We are so happy we could help Don and Annie. Write to us if you want to share your experiences with Grassmatch. If you are willing to do a video interview we are happy to get you lunch!


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To find your Medical Marijuana caregiver or patient Join Grassmatch today!


Grassmatch Reviews – Find Quality Caregivers

Grassmatch Reviews

Wouldn’t it be great to know your caregiver or patient has a good reputation before contacting him or her? At Grassmatch we have always thought so, and now with a lot of coffee and coding, we bring you Grassmatch Reviews. To access these reviews:



Reviews in Search Results

Grassmatch review ratings display right in member search results. This gives you a quick overview of the reputation of caregivers or patients in your area!

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Reviews you can Trust

As it turns out creating a review system that users can actually trust is difficult. We went through several different review systems and discovered how easy it is to “self-review”. You’d be amazed how common and easy it is to corrupt review systems across the web, there are even companies devoted to doing just this! Thankfully, Grassmatch is a closed, members only system, and we’ve implemented several slick tricks to help us root out review abuse. We then look over each and every review submitted and ban users that self-review.

Reputation Management like never before, AirBnB, Uber, and every other popular person-to-person commerce websites use reviews to prevent and root out abuse. In the Medical Marijuana Community legitimate caregivers and patients have had to rely on personal referrals only. Personal referrals are great if you ALREADY know someone connected to a good caregiver or patient – but as Grassmatch’s early success indicates – there are a lot of people that want “in”.

Someone’s Watching You

Grassmatch was always watching it’s users to detect abuse. But now we can have the help of each and every single Grassmatch user to foster our growing community. Did you find a particularly great caregiver on Grassmatch? Let everyone know! Did your patient call late at night – demanding free medicine? Give other caregivers the heads-up.

Did you know that people’s behavior changes when you watch them? It’s a psychological fact! When was the last time you saw someone picking their nose in broad daylight? The same is true when people’s reputation is being tracked online. Like magic, people’s behavior improves. Grassmatch Reviews are not just about “getting rid of the bad guys” but about encouraging everyone to act in a socially responsible, professional manner.

Wanna Talk?

Grassmatch developers are constantly looking for ways to improve our service. Do you have any ideas for us? Would you like to join our growing, Michigan-based team? Email us at and let us know your thoughts. We work for YOU!

7 Steps to a Great MMJ Caregiver Relationship

Who or what is an MMJ Caregiver?

If you don’t want to grow for yourself but your physician has recommended marijuana, it may be time to meet a Medical Marijuana Caregiver (MMJ Caregiver). An MMJ caregiver is like your own personal marijuana grower. In many States procuring marijuana from an MMJ caregiver is legally sanctioned. No matter what your monthly marijuana budget is, purchasing directly from an MMJ Caregiver can mean big savings for you. But if your marijuana budget is over $200 per month, read on about finding a local grower you can purchase from directly. A great MMJ caregiver will also give you access to highly exclusive and desirable strains.

The first question you might ask: how can I find a local MMJ Caregiver? We made our site – Grassmatch – for just that purpose.

And now we are going to tell you, the medical marijuana patient, how to find and keep a great MMJ caregiver.

The 7 Steps to a Great MMJ Caregiver relationship

At Grassmatch we talk to dozens of new patients every single day. Every newbie finds the whole medical marijuana process confusing. Many people are not even aware that they have the option of purchasing marijuana directly from a grower. They don’t know that Grassmatch will hook you up with local MMJ caregivers for free. Certainly they don’t know what they need to do to ensure that their relationship with their MMJ caregiver goes well. Follow the 7 steps below and begin buying affordable, reliable, and high quality medical marijuana.

1. Send in your State Application… NOW!

We recommend that you do not wait to find an MMJ Caregiver to send your application to the state. When you find an MMJ Caregiver you may add them to your registry at any time without delay.  Many caregivers will not register patients who have not received their card yet. Be sure to ask your prospect of any such stipulations to avoid surprises.

2. Interview your MMJ Caregiver

You should begin by honestly assessing your needs first. Travel distance, grow habits, delivery frequency, caregiver availability, and strains available are some of the points to be covered in the initial interview. [We shamelessly mention that all this information easily available at]  But anything else that is critically important to you should be discussed at this time.

3.  Meeting for the first time

Choose a public area like a food court, restaurant or the like. It’s best to avoid home visits at this stage. You don’t need to know where your MMJ Caregiver lives or grows yet anyhow. Select a meeting place that might be used to take your deliveries and judge the travel distance and the area. Your MMJ caregiver may even have access to a professional office or provisioning center. Be courteous, clean, and professional.  Sadly even today caregivers are taking big risks to supply you with medicine. You can help them by being discrete and leaving your favorite marijuana leaf t-shirt at home. At this meeting you can be more personal and get answers to any concerns you may have.

4. Sending a Change Form to the State

The two of you will decide who will do the mailing, and who will pay the change form fees. As an MMJ Caregiver myself I prefer to do the mailing and pay the associated postage and state fees. A Certified Mail/Return Receipt is the safest quickest way to register. A receipt will be mailed back to you when it arrives and a legal supply may begin in 21 days if all of the information is correct on the change forms, and accepted by the state. Your new cards will arrive soon after. It’s important to keep the name, address, and contact information of your MMJ caregiver a private matter.

An MMJ caregiver and patient should arrange communication channels (email/phone/etc). MMJ Caregivers often arrange deliveries back to back so please keep your appointments. Your caregiver owes their other patients the same courtesy. Your first meeting may be awkward but soon you’ll probably be like old friends.

5. Strain Review

Soon after each delivery it’s important for your MMJ Caregiver know what you do and don’t like about the strains provided. There is no reliable way to know what you’ll favor. This changes from one patient to another, and even from day to day. Don’t assume that because you don’t like something it is a poor quality product. Another patient might dislike your favorites too.

6.  Not Happy?

If you’re unsatisfied with your MMJ caregiver services/products you should first discuss the issue with your caregiver and see if you can come to an agreement. Having tried that, if you’re still unsatisfied, or if the problems are just too egregious, you may remove or replace the MMJ caregiver using the State of Michigan MMMP change form. Be sure to inform your caregiver of any changes – this may effect his or her garden.

[If you found your MMJ caregiver on Grassmatch, be sure to leave a detailed review for your caregiver]


Proper communication will go a long way to provide you and your MMJ caregiver with a satisfying experience. Good luck to you. We hope for good fortune in your life.

Your Friends

6 Steps to obtaining Medical Marijuana in Mi

Share if you believe in legal, safe access for Medical Marijuana Patients. Like if you dig the Grassmatch Message! If you just want a caregiver to guide you through the entire process from the beginning you can find one at
How do you obtain Medical Marijuana in Michigan?

1)      First, obtain a physicians recommendation for Marijuana. Physician recommendations usually come from a Marijuana Certification Specialist. You can find them with a quick google search such as “Marijuana Doctor + “city name” in Google. Or use a service like Be sure to call the clinic and ask them for their complete policies. You will leave the clinic with a complete application – just not totally filled out yet.

2) If you want to grow your own Marijuana, you may complete the state of Michigan Application and specify NO CAREGIVER. “NO CAREGIVER” cards are also often used to:

A) Make one-time purchases of marijuana

B) As legal protection for street purchases / possession of marijuana

C) Make Marijuana purchases from certain dispensaries and clubs. ( or are very good sites to compare dispensaries and get reviews)

3)     If you decide you want a caregiver, I.E. a professional to regularly purchase Medical Marijuana From – you could find them by making a quick patient profile at and browsing through caregiver profiles. A caregiver could also be a friend, family member, or just any Marijuana Farmer you happen to know and like.  Any caregiver you select will need to fill their portion of your MMMP application.

4) MAKE AND KEEP COPIES OF YOUR COMPLETE APPLICATION.  With the application completed and payment enclosed you, or your caregiver, will need to send the application into the State of Michigan.

5) Once your application is approved by the state, with or without a caregiver, you are legally allowed to purchase and possess up to 2.5 ozs of marijuana from anyone in the state.

You will eventually receive either a rejection letter – which is typically just a response from the State letting you know they need more information (e.x. you filled out your app incorrectly) or… Your shiny new Medical Marijuana Card!

Now for some good to know info!

1)      It is  illegal to sell marijuana outside of a caregiver/patient relationship in Michigan.

2)      It is unlawful to keep marijuana in a moving vehicle anywhere else but in a locked case, preferably in the trunk but definitely out of reach of the vehicles occupants

3)      A caregiver is simply a person that supplies you with Marijuana in accordance with state laws.

4)      A good caregiver will take the time to figure out what works best for you and will have it available for you consistently. We’ve got a lot more information about that here and in the rest of this blog.

5)      Good caregiver services are rarely free. Prices vary, but extremely high quality medication can be had for $200 / oz through a qualified, professional caregiver.

6)     It is extremely easy, and inexpensive ($10), to change from a “NO CAREGIVER” card to a “CAREGIVER” card. The same $10 and the same “MMMP Change Form” can be used to switch caregivers as well.

I am not a lawyer, and this is not legal advice.

The state of Michigan has a comprehensive FAQ about Medical Marijuana here. My friends over at A2wellness also put together a nice FAQ here.

5 “GOTCHA!” questions to ask a Medical Marijuana Dealer

As a Medical Marijuana Patient you rely on your Caregiver, Budtender, or club owner to be knowledgeable about the medicine they are selling. Luckily – most people selling Medical Marijuana are more than willing – nay, excited! to talk about their products. Here are some GOTCHA questions you can ask them to help you weed out the good dealers from the occasional bad apple.

1) Sativa or Indica?

Does it smoke like a sativa – giving you an upbeat energetic feeling, or does it smoke like an indica – locking you hard into the couch? In between the two extremes? You will need to test it out for yourself to figure out what works, but understanding the categories will be very useful for you in treating your condition.

This is a really basic question, but I have heard new upstarts get it wrong or get confused about it. Folks with insomnia generally don’t want a sativa strain that will keep them awake, and people with depression sometimes don’t want a heavy indica strain effecting their productivity.

In other cases, I have had patients whose muscle spasms would worsen with sativa-dominant strains but still needed to be productive as they dealt with their chronic pain. For these patients, a 50-50 hybrid works really well.

2) How was it cured?

It is well known that patients prefer cured rather than fresh dried cannabis. This is an extra step though – and means that the cannabis producer has to be a little more patient bringing his product to market.

A good cure occurs in air tight containers, often mason jars. Highlights of a good cure is an even burn rate, less coughing, and even slightly better potency!

3) How is it stored?

Cannabis is best stored in a cool, dry place in vacuum sealed glass containers.  For high volume places like cannabis shops, dispensaries, etc, don’t be surprised or alarmed if it’s not vacuum sealed.

In my humble opinion there is no better sound than the PSSST of a sealed jars vacuum being open when you ask a caregiver to bring out his “head stash” (highest quality MJ)

4) Which pesticides were used?

I am going to shock and alarm some people with this. I’ve been growing indoors for 4 years now and I can tell you for certain you don’t need pesticides to have an excellent, reliable indoor crop harvest after harvest. Strong plants defend themselves, and the ability of good growers to control their environment completely negates any advantage pest populations could have on a crop. Outdoor, and dirt and organic growers may occasionally need a different solution.

Still, just like our nations food producers, many cannabis growers choose to use pesticides in their crop.  All-natural NEEM oil, rosemary, thyme, etc extracts are all used to bolster plants natural defenses and scare off pests regularly. You can decide for yourself whether you are comfortable with this, or even non-natural pesticides, in your marijuana.

5) Is the Cannabis grown organically or not?

There are some wrong answers to this question: “I’m not sure”, “…..LONG PAUSE”, or a lie. The bottom line is you should feel comfortable with the cannabis you are getting and the dealer selling the marijuana should both (A) know the answer and (B) be able to defend his position.

For example, I’ve used organic nutrition to feed my plants in the past – but I found that it was too much work (10+ hours /wk extra mixing dirt, dealing with worms, hand watering plants, etc). I found that all that extra work left me with less free time to be a good caregiver, start Grassmatch, and have a life. Besides that, frankly I would find myself slacking off. When I switched to hydroponics, my products got better, my patients got happier, and I got my life back .


10 things a great Medical Marijuana Caregiver will do

Medical Marijuana Caregivers supply patients with cannabis for medicinal reasons.  This is the only thing that, by definition, separates a caregiver from a garden variety pot dealer.

Picking a caregiver is a lot like picking an employee, it can seem Daunting – but often the tell-tale signs are right in front of your face.  Don’t be afraid of this task, most caregivers are great. Lets get to the list of what makes a good caregiver:

1) They show up on time.

You can imagine how annoying it is for a patient to schedule a meeting with a caregiver – only to have that caregiver not show up. Being punctual shows you are professional, and that there is no funny business going on behind the scenes. Patients have more choice than ever in Caregivers and if you don’t show up? You might just get replaced by someone who does.

2) They are dressed well

Most patients like to keep a good public image – and a caregiver that shows up poorly dressed and/or stinky to a meeting can really tarnish that image. DOUBLE that if the caregiver shows up in a shirt with a pot leaf, marlboro special shirt, etc.  That doesn’t mean that a caregiver should show up in a suit and tie – but good caregivers should ask themselves: “Do I blend in with the neighborhood?” If the answer is no, you need to shape up your wardrobe.

I once got a visit from a caregiver whose shirt read “Smoke Weed Everyday”. While I think it’s funny, I also take it as a sign of immaturity.  Surely it’s better for business to be a little discrete?

3) They have a decent car

Driving marijuana around is a typical and necessary part of being a caregiver. This is a really simple one – do they drive a run-of-the mill, non-suspicious vehicle? It needn’t be a Bentley nor an F-150 (America’s best selling vehicle), it just needs to be decent. A caregiver that drives around with a loud stereos, loud exhaust, broken lights, bad license, illegal tints, very large rims, etc is just asking for trouble .  Home delivery needn’t be scary, and can be just as convenient and awesome as getting a pizza delivered. But if you are troubled or annoyed before your caregiver even steps out of his car, move on to the next pick.

4) They offer a variety of Cannabis Products

A good caregiver should offer a variety of cannabis products on a regular rotation. That means different strains, different extracts, and a menu big enough to satisfy their patient.  That doesn’t mean that, as a caregiver, you should try to satisfy every possible patient or keep up with every possible new trend. That is a black hole that can turn your quality upside down. Instead, a caregiver should offer their new patients a variety of products and ask them what they like.

5) They tailor the medicine to you

A good caregiver knows what their patients like. It’s no good if a caregiver sells out of their patients favorites quickly and then is left only with unloved products.

Patients, this is a learning process for a caregiver – even a really, really good one. If you are a new patient, you might have to wait a few months for your caregiver to shuffle things around and produce your favorites – especially if you require large quantities of Marijuana.The important thing is that they make the commitment to you to produce the products you want and have them available for you.

6) They offer a reasonable price

A good caregiver charges substantially less for his medication (or offers substantially better quality) than any nearby dispensary.  In fact, a caregiver should be able to supply you with medication at roughly 60% the cost of a dispensary. That is a big reason to seek out and keep a good caregiver.

Check out for an idea of what marijuana goes for in your area, and also dispensary prices through or

7) They have good quality marijuana

A thousand things can go wrong in a grow operation, and often new caregivers find themselves overwhelmed with problems. I assure you, this is usually caused by improper planning and misinformed individuals rather than just bad luck.

Consuming a caregivers marijuana before  selecting them is best. But if you can’t there are a number of tell tale signs of bad pot – and you’d be surprised how often obviously bad pot is sold to unsuspecting patients. If you are a new medical patient, I advise you to read my next post 6 Ways to Tell if your Weed is Good.

8) They pass a background check

It’s one thing to have a pot possession misdemeanor in your past, it’s another thing entirely to beat your wife and rob your neighbor. No state licenses serious felons to be a caregiver. This is a very good thing! As a patient – you won’t know this unless you fill out your paperwork with the caregiver and wait for the state to get back to you.

Instead, I recommend you run a background check using your State’s online background check tool. In Michigan, the system is called iChat and it works wonders. You will need your potential caregivers full name and date of birth, and it won’t tell you about out-of-state crimes – but it’s a good start.  It is also a good idea to just ask your caregiver about their record – if they are professional and good at their jobs they’ll understand.

9) They are knowledgeable

Do they understand the difference between a sativa and an indica? Do they understand when they should harvest? Curing techniques? As a patient you rely on your caregiver to be knowledgeable. Lucky for you, I’ve compiled a list of 5 gotcha questions to ask potential caregivers.

10 They say no to drugs

OK, OK, I can feel the irony too. However, it is important that your caregiver does not abuse any drug – especially hard drugs.  Crackheads, pillheads,  heroine junkies, and alcoholics simply make bad caregivers. You’d be surprised what people will tell you if you ask them directly. A straightforward question like “how many drinks do you have in a week” or “do you do any drugs besides marijuana” deserve a straightforward response.


Even though picking a caregiver can seem like a daunting task – I assure you that most caregivers out there are quite good. And now that you can spot the bad ones from a mile away – you are over-prepared to make a good decision!

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