The people of Grand Rapids Have Spoken, Grassmatch 2.0

The people want Grassmatch, but the sign up process is too hard. As every page of the 5-10 minute sign up drones on, fewer and fewer users remain on for the party.

So we decided to make the sign up process take about 30s. And I am bumping up the font and the load times so that it’s easy to do even from your phone.

{We know this because we collect a lot of anonymous usage data on the Grassmatch Site. It’s not “Debbie sent Mark a Message” type of data collection, but more like “648 people visited Grassmatch From Grand Rapids in a single day, but no one signed up type of data”}

Here is my first experimental homepage. Designed to encourage signups. What do you think – can I make it any easier? Is it too easy now? Only time and the data will tell 🙂





Slide4The last slide I really like, because we’ve had problems with people not actually activating their account. My message about this is just too small right now, one could miss it!

The next Grassmatch Video idea: “The Drug War is Definitely working”

I woke up with the idea to do a 95% dramatic, 5% tongue in cheek- extremely low budget film ~1 minute long specifically to talk about the human loss and tragedy of the war against Marijuana. Starting from the insane way Marijuana was first banned “I think it’s something that the negros use…” / cotton farmer lobbying against hemp, moving onto the human cost of MJ prohibition using relatable figures. Like instead of how many millions of people have been put away for Marijuana charges how many lifetimes have been lost to the war and how many football stadiums worth of people that would equal out to. I’ll pepper in some quotes from poetry and pop culture that accurately describe the racism and more importantly the pain underpinning MJ prohibition. Immediately the Outkast lyric “Marijuana Illegal but Cigarettes cool, I might look kinda funny but I ain’t no fool” and Killer Mike’s lyric:

They declared the war on drugs like a war on terror
But it really did was let the police terrorize whoever
But mostly black boys, but they would call us “ni$&@rs”

And lay us on our belly, while they fingers on they triggers

I’m split as to whether or not to censor the N word. I do find the word extremely offensive but the artist was black and rightfully pissed off and it’s a bit like censoring the N word in Huckleberry Finn.

And of course some actual poetry, not just the rap music I know off the top of my head. The Killer Mike’s quote leads the vid nicely into the militarization of police and MJ violence such as the recent no-knock raid police shooting (yes police injuries/deaths count). And of course highlighting all the people injured/killed by police enforcing Marijuana Prohibition. Perhaps starting as just a list of a few well known cases and then quickly adding more and more as the screen pans out giving the impression of… well something like the P.O.W. and war memorials you see were the list is just overwhelming and tragic.

This leads us into the tongue in cheek part – that all of this suffering, racism, and horror was so all the country would look less like the Wastelands of Colorodo (happy pictures of them celebrating legalization) and Washington. Video would be called “The drug war is working” or “The drug war is definitely working” and it would just be sponsored by (A medical Marijuana Site) instead of obvious branding like the last video.

The last Grassmatch Video

So the last Grassmatch Short Video is here: Do you like the video – did I miss the mark?

We did it all in Detroit with Detroit FIlmmaker Sam Logan Khaleghi. His blog is here btw. It was a lot of fun to make, and I love supporting Michigan Companies

The core message is that :

A) You should NOT feel embarrassed about Medical Marijuana use, it’s everywhere, it’s legitimate, one of your neighbors uses it and the other one grows it!

B) is a convenient and appropriate method to use to find your patient or caregiver online.

How to Tell if Your Weed is Good

How to Tell if your Weed is Good

Producing Marijuana is an art as well as a science.  There are many different methods for preparing herb for consumption, and most produce excellent results. Occasionally, however, subpar Marijuana gets into the hands of a medical Marijuana Patient. Fortunately, there are plenty of tell tale signs you are getting a raw deal from your caregiver. How to tell if your weed is good, in just 6 easy-bake steps.

1) Wet weed

A person that gives you wet weed is either ignorant or greedy, or both. Wet weed weighs more than dry weed – so we have the greed part covered. What about the ignorance? First of all  – just like wet wood – wet cannabis doesn’t burn as well as dry.  Not only does the burn rate go down, but cannabis needs drying in order to activate it’s psychoactive ingredients. Most importantly, wet weed is very prone to high levels of mold that can be very dangerous for immune-suppressed patients.  If you have any clue how to tell if your weed is good, you won’t buy the wet stuff.

2) Compressed Cannabis

Compressed cannabis generally comes from a vacuum sealed bag or a brick. It is a sign that you MIGHT be dealing with a drug dealer who has recently converted to being a caregiver. Compressed weed is not necessarily low quality, but buyer beware. People who really know how to tell if your weed is good also know to “pay less for compressed!”

In this article, a marijuana insider sarcastically says this in regards to brick weed

It’s hard to believe drug gangs are killing each other over this stuff.

3) Brown / Moldy Smelling Weed

Good marijuana comes in a variety of colors and flavors. Some patients prefer a nice fruity smelling cannabis – and some patients prefer their weed wreak like a skunk or like cheese. Some strains of marijuana downright smell offensive to my nose – but that doesn’t mean it’s bad.
However, you should check very large nugs for bud rot, which looks as disgusting as it sounds. If you see or smell any black or white mold then you should not only pass on the cannabis – you should pass on that caregiver entirely. There are serious health risks associated with mold, especially for immunosuppressed patients. Moldy weed is also a common scare tactic for news organizations, as seen in this CBS article. As you see – knowing how to tell if your weed is good can be important to your health!

4) Loose / Fluffy nugs

Amazing marijuana buds can be had in huge chunks or small portions. Some strains are also naturally fluffy, where others are naturally more dense.

Determining if a sample or bag you’ve just purchased is overly fluffy is tough – you’ve got to have some experience with the strain to be really sure. However if you can hold the bud up to a strong light source and light peaks through – you either have a bad grow or are getting “bottom nugs”.  “Bottom Nugs” receive very little light during the growing process. Good growers know these buds should never be sold as-is, and are instead pruned early in the growing process or used later for concentrates.

5) Crystal Shine!

All well grown cannabis appears frosty when exposed to light. This quality is sometimes called frost, crystals, trichs, or most correctly “trichomes”.  The Marijuana plant develops trichomes as a defense mechanism for various MJ loving pests and to trap pollen. A strong, fertile female cannabis plant will always have an abundance of trichomes.

Cannabis can lose it’s glisten quickly in hot grow rooms.  You’ll also loose the frosting due to:

  • Getting “beat up” by fans and heavy winds
  • General poor plant health and development
  • rough handling.

Those who know how to tell if your weed is good will say “if it doesn’t shine it’s hardly worth your time!”.

6) Seeds

Heavily seeded marijuana can still be excellent – but even the best seeded marijuana will sell at a 40% discount or more. It is a basic fact of nature that a female marijuana plant that is busy producing seeds will be less busy producing strong marijuana. Those that know how to tell if your weed is good all agree-Seedless marijuana (sinsemella) has been the holy grail for hundreds, if not thousands, of years.

It’s typical for marijuana plants -especially those picked for a late harvest – to have a seed or two. Finding one or two seeds in an ounce of great marijuana should be seen as a gift. Save the seed, every excellent strain started from a seed!

However, an abundance of seeds – particularly infant seeds – definitely indicates subprime cannabis. If you got it unknowingly from a good caregiver, dispensary, or club – you are entitled to a big discount, return, or money back on your purchase.


So there you have it folks, now you know how to tell if your weed is good. If the marijuana looks good, and passes all the tests – it’s probably of respectable quality. That does not, however, mean you’ll enjoy it. In the world of marijuana, one mans trash is truly another mans treasure. And there are great deals to be found especially with less popular strains. Happy hunting!