Don & Annie’s Medical Marijuana Story

We sat down and had a Q&A session with Don. Don is a resident of Michigan and his daughter Annie suffers from a rare form of Epilepsy. Don is an early adopter of Grassmatch, and responded to our request to interview him about his experiences with Medical Marijuana and Grassmatch.


Don was able to use Grassmatch to find a local caregiver specializing in high CBD cannabis strains – in this case Charlotte’s Web. Anecdotal evidence strongly suggests that marijuana strains with high levels of CBD (Cannabidiol) and low levels of THC do not induce the same physiological effects most often associated with marijuana. In laymen’s terms, Annie isn’t getting high – she is getting well.




Don wanted to be very clear that high CBD marijuana was the last in a long line of treatments administered for Annie to help control her seizures. Although Annie’s seizures are controlled now better than ever; no one is suggesting that high CBD marijuana will control your child’s seizures. Don did the right thing in our opinion – he first took his daughter in for traditional treatment, ensured compliance with his doctor’s orders, and kept trying until he found a treatment program that worked for Annie.


Our Interview


Q. How did you find Grassmatch?


A. Well, first I went to the dispensary. I drove about 4 hours both ways to find the medicine I was comfortable with. I told them my story, they gave me what I thought was a good deal. I was happy with that. Then that dispensary got shut down. I was livid but I had a good stockpile of medicine for Annie. I remembered talking to you {Grassmatch’s CEO} online way before Grassmatch was a real thing.


Q. Then what?


A. So I went back and talked to you to see how things were coming [with] your project. You said something like – “Listen, I’ve got this tool for you, it works, sign up and I’ll help you out.” Do you remember what happened after that ? (Laughs)


[I do remember, I went out and found about 30 caregivers willing to try out Grassmatch and help Annie]


Q. What is Grassmatch?


A. It’s a weird awesome site like a mix of eBay, a dating site, and marijuana. (ha) Ok it’s a caregiver matching service that helped me acquire quality medication for Annie. I guess the best thing about it are the features that help you separate the wheat from the chaff.


Q. The wheat from the chaff?


A. Yeah the good from the bad. Listen I’ve been out there and the struggle is real. There are good caregivers and bad caregivers, good patients and bad patients. There are professional people out there, who really care or really need help, I know because I found em’. But how the hell are you supposed to figure out who is who? Well that’s what you thought about when you were making this thing [Grassmatch]… right?


Q. That’s right. So did it help?


A. You know it did man! Well first of all I actually had a way to contact all these nearby caregivers (they are everywhere). Second, the guy I found already had a couple of good reviews under his name. That definitely made me feel better. Then I just messaged the cg (caregiver) and asked a bunch of questions.


Q. What kind of questions did you ask your caregiver?


A. Ok I actually made a list:

How many patients has he [the caregiver] served?

Have he served any patients suffering from Epilepsy?

Do you use pesticides on your crop?

Where can we meet?


Q. Was your information safe with Grassmatch?


A. You tell me smart-guy! Listen, to-date I have not received any extra spam mail. I mean, everything is anonymous until you don’t want it to be anymore. You don’t need to share your face, your name, or whatever unless you want to. You don’t even need to share your email address with other Grassmatch members. You can block anyone annoying you. So I give it an A+ for safety.


[To know more about what Grassmatch does with your personal information, click on the following link:]


Q. Are you happy with Grassmatch?


A. Yes, I am. I found a perfect caregiver in a few days that I am extremely satisfied with. My requirements were not easy, professional, moderate cost, organic, clean, high CDB. I got everything I wanted and I don’t think you can argue with the results. This is a service I’ve been screaming for… for years. I think Grassmatch is the perfect matchmaker between patients and the caregivers. I hope it catches on everywhere.


Q. Anything else you want to say?


A. A few words for your whole team: Thank You for helping me help Annie. Keep up the good work.


We are so happy we could help Don and Annie. Write to us if you want to share your experiences with Grassmatch. If you are willing to do a video interview we are happy to get you lunch!


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  1. This is some great information. I appreciate this becoming an easier thing for folks to talk about openly. My brother uses this stuff for medical reasons and it really helps him.

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