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Grassmatch Reviews

Wouldn’t it be great to know your caregiver or patient has a good reputation before contacting him or her? At Grassmatch we have always thought so, and now with a lot of coffee and coding, we bring you Grassmatch Reviews. To access these reviews:



Reviews in Search Results

Grassmatch review ratings display right in member search results. This gives you a quick overview of the reputation of caregivers or patients in your area!

Grassmatch Reviews - Search Results
Zips might just be a caregiver you should contact

Grassmatch Reviews in Full Profile View

Viewing a patient or caregivers full profile will yield rich content about the user. In addition to the rating – comments about the user from other members are shown.


Grassmatch Reviews - Full Profile
A caregivers full profile review (click to expand)

Using Grassmatch Reviews, you can review other users publicly with your username or anonymously.

Reviews you can Trust

As it turns out creating a review system that users can actually trust is difficult. We went through several different review systems and discovered how easy it is to “self-review”. You’d be amazed how common and easy it is to corrupt review systems across the web, there are even companies devoted to doing just this! Thankfully, Grassmatch is a closed, members only system, and we’ve implemented several slick tricks to help us root out review abuse. We then look over each and every review submitted and ban users that self-review.

Reputation Management like never before, AirBnB, Uber, and every other popular person-to-person commerce websites use reviews to prevent and root out abuse. In the Medical Marijuana Community legitimate caregivers and patients have had to rely on personal referrals only. Personal referrals are great if you ALREADY know someone connected to a good caregiver or patient – but as Grassmatch’s early success indicates – there are a lot of people that want “in”.

Someone’s Watching You

Grassmatch was always watching it’s users to detect abuse. But now we can have the help of each and every single Grassmatch user to foster our growing community. Did you find a particularly great caregiver on Grassmatch? Let everyone know! Did your patient call late at night – demanding free medicine? Give other caregivers the heads-up.

Did you know that people’s behavior changes when you watch them? It’s a psychological fact! When was the last time you saw someone picking their nose in broad daylight? The same is true when people’s reputation is being tracked online. Like magic, people’s behavior improves. Grassmatch Reviews are not just about “getting rid of the bad guys” but about encouraging everyone to act in a socially responsible, professional manner.

Wanna Talk?

Grassmatch developers are constantly looking for ways to improve our service. Do you have any ideas for us? Would you like to join our growing, Michigan-based team? Email us at and let us know your thoughts. We work for YOU!

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