Medical Marijuana: Relief for Debilitating Diseases

The medical benefits of Marijuana are unquestionable. After decades of research and controlled studies, now people can find medical marijuana benefits published in respected medical journals. Medical Marijuana is a proven treatment for a wide range of painful medical conditions, and with the right treatment program, troubling side effects can be minimized.

Grassmatch has partnered with the Medical Marijuana community so that access to this alternative treatment is easier than ever before.

Some qualifying conditions treated by Medical Marijuana include:

  1. Cancer
  2. Glaucoma
  4. Hepatitis C
  5. Lou Gehrig’s disease (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or ALS)
  6. Alzheimer’s
  7. Nail patella syndrome
  8. Cachexia (wasting disease)
  9. Severe and chronic pain
  10. Severe nausea
  11. Seizures
  12. Epilepsy
  13. Muscle spasms
  14. Multiple sclerosis

Medical-Marijuana Diseases Cured

How Medical Cannabis (Marijuana) Combats the Symptoms of Various Painful Diseases?

  • For Cancer – Marijuana proved highly effective in reducing the nausea stimulated by chemotherapy in cancer. (Learn more about Cancer and Cannabis)
  • For Glaucoma – MMJ helps reduce intraocular pressure in people suffering from glaucoma (Click to learn more)
  • For HIV/AIDS – Medical marijuana proves effective is restoring appetite, debilitating fatigue, cure nausea and curtails weight loss. (HIV/AIDS and Medical Marijuana)
  • For Hepatitis C – Modest cannabis use may offer symptomatic and virological benefit to patients undergoing HCV treatment. Patients using cannabis are also more likely to adhere to their doctors recommended prescription therapies. (Refer the Publication from NCBI)
  • For Lou Gehrig’s disease – Medical marijuana alleviates the unbearable pain associated with this disease. (Check out the Views)
  • For Alzheimer – There is evidence that cannabis slows the neurodegenerative process associated with Alzheimer’s. (Reference: Medical Marijuana Pros and Cons )
  • For Nail-patella syndrome – The cannabinoids in marijuana act as an anti-inflammatory and an analgesics to fight pain, bone disorders, tendons, and scoliosis. (Click to see how Marijuana helps)
  • For Cachexia – Medical marijuana treatment is effective in stimulating appetite, fluid retention and helps to increase body weight in Cachexia patients. (Cannabis and Cachexia)
  • For Severe chronic pains – Cannabinoids prove to be a helpful remedy against the side effects of opiate pain medications and allow many patients to take a lower dose of these highly addictive drugs. (Read the study done by UCSF)
    Researchers at the University of California have been performing controlled studies on marijuana for decades. Their conclusion? Marijuana should be a “first-line treatment” for painful neuropathy problems and for people who fail to respond to other available treatments.
  • For Severe Nausea – Medical marijuana proves to provide effective relief against nausea as a side effect of various debilitating diseases. (Check out the study done by the Medical Journal: ElsevierHealth)
  • For Seizures/ Epilepsy – Cannabis reduces the tenacity of the seizures and convulsive attacks of a man suffering from cerebral palsy. (Look at the News published in the Time Magazine)
  • For Muscle Spasms – Marijuana helps reduce muscular spasms in patients with degenerative neurological disorders. (Refer to the Study done by Vanderbilt University)
  • For Multiple Sclerosis – Cannabis has a startling effect on muscle spasms, tremors, balance, bladder control, speech, and the eyesight. (Is Marijuana an Effective treatment for MS?)

Medical marijuana is proving to be highly effective in fighting the effects of different diseases, and a majority of Americans now supports its use. The chart below provided is by the Pew Research Center, and shows how much traction Medical Marijuana is getting.

Pew Research Center

Our federal government continues to impede the progress of state medical marijuana laws. However, cannabis has already become a boon to many patients. This has compelled researchers and reformists to continue to introduce changes to Marijuana laws to improve the access of marijuana to qualified patients.

Grassmatch as Your Partner

High-quality medical marijuana needs to come from somewhere. At Grassmatch, we know it can be tough to find a great caregiver. Patients want reliable, convenient access to quality medication they prefer at a price they can afford. We created our service, not to cash in on Medical Marijuana; we could have opened a dispensary to do that. Instead, we created a tool to help our own community help itself – a tool to facilitate the direct, person-to-person exchange of Medical Marijuana without all the intermediaries.

Isn’t it great to know your caregiver or patient before getting in touch?

Finding the right medical marijuana caregivers is easy on Grassmatch. We are your partner, and we work juts for you. Sign up at our service FOR FREE, use our search function to narrow down your results, get in touch with local caregivers, and participate in the review process.  You will be helping yourself and your community.

Be sure to contact us with any suggestions you may have for our service.So drop us a message here:

imgo (1)

We invite all caregivers and patients to join our growing community in Michigan and help fight debilitating diseases with medical marijuana.


Grassmatch Reviews – Find Quality Caregivers

Grassmatch Reviews

Wouldn’t it be great to know your caregiver or patient has a good reputation before contacting him or her? At Grassmatch we have always thought so, and now with a lot of coffee and coding, we bring you Grassmatch Reviews. To access these reviews:



Reviews in Search Results

Grassmatch review ratings display right in member search results. This gives you a quick overview of the reputation of caregivers or patients in your area!

Grassmatch Reviews - Search Results
Zips might just be a caregiver you should contact

Grassmatch Reviews in Full Profile View

Viewing a patient or caregivers full profile will yield rich content about the user. In addition to the rating – comments about the user from other members are shown.


Grassmatch Reviews - Full Profile
A caregivers full profile review (click to expand)

Using Grassmatch Reviews, you can review other users publicly with your username or anonymously.

Reviews you can Trust

As it turns out creating a review system that users can actually trust is difficult. We went through several different review systems and discovered how easy it is to “self-review”. You’d be amazed how common and easy it is to corrupt review systems across the web, there are even companies devoted to doing just this! Thankfully, Grassmatch is a closed, members only system, and we’ve implemented several slick tricks to help us root out review abuse. We then look over each and every review submitted and ban users that self-review.

Reputation Management like never before, AirBnB, Uber, and every other popular person-to-person commerce websites use reviews to prevent and root out abuse. In the Medical Marijuana Community legitimate caregivers and patients have had to rely on personal referrals only. Personal referrals are great if you ALREADY know someone connected to a good caregiver or patient – but as Grassmatch’s early success indicates – there are a lot of people that want “in”.

Someone’s Watching You

Grassmatch was always watching it’s users to detect abuse. But now we can have the help of each and every single Grassmatch user to foster our growing community. Did you find a particularly great caregiver on Grassmatch? Let everyone know! Did your patient call late at night – demanding free medicine? Give other caregivers the heads-up.

Did you know that people’s behavior changes when you watch them? It’s a psychological fact! When was the last time you saw someone picking their nose in broad daylight? The same is true when people’s reputation is being tracked online. Like magic, people’s behavior improves. Grassmatch Reviews are not just about “getting rid of the bad guys” but about encouraging everyone to act in a socially responsible, professional manner.

Wanna Talk?

Grassmatch developers are constantly looking for ways to improve our service. Do you have any ideas for us? Would you like to join our growing, Michigan-based team? Email us at and let us know your thoughts. We work for YOU!

The people of Grand Rapids Have Spoken, Grassmatch 2.0

The people want Grassmatch, but the sign up process is too hard. As every page of the 5-10 minute sign up drones on, fewer and fewer users remain on for the party.

So we decided to make the sign up process take about 30s. And I am bumping up the font and the load times so that it’s easy to do even from your phone.

{We know this because we collect a lot of anonymous usage data on the Grassmatch Site. It’s not “Debbie sent Mark a Message” type of data collection, but more like “648 people visited Grassmatch From Grand Rapids in a single day, but no one signed up type of data”}

Here is my first experimental homepage. Designed to encourage signups. What do you think – can I make it any easier? Is it too easy now? Only time and the data will tell 🙂





Slide4The last slide I really like, because we’ve had problems with people not actually activating their account. My message about this is just too small right now, one could miss it!

7 Steps to a Great MMJ Caregiver Relationship

Who or what is an MMJ Caregiver?

If you don’t want to grow for yourself but your physician has recommended marijuana, it may be time to meet a Medical Marijuana Caregiver (MMJ Caregiver). An MMJ caregiver is like your own personal marijuana grower. In many States procuring marijuana from an MMJ caregiver is legally sanctioned. No matter what your monthly marijuana budget is, purchasing directly from an MMJ Caregiver can mean big savings for you. But if your marijuana budget is over $200 per month, read on about finding a local grower you can purchase from directly. A great MMJ caregiver will also give you access to highly exclusive and desirable strains.

The first question you might ask: how can I find a local MMJ Caregiver? We made our site – Grassmatch – for just that purpose.

And now we are going to tell you, the medical marijuana patient, how to find and keep a great MMJ caregiver.

The 7 Steps to a Great MMJ Caregiver relationship

At Grassmatch we talk to dozens of new patients every single day. Every newbie finds the whole medical marijuana process confusing. Many people are not even aware that they have the option of purchasing marijuana directly from a grower. They don’t know that Grassmatch will hook you up with local MMJ caregivers for free. Certainly they don’t know what they need to do to ensure that their relationship with their MMJ caregiver goes well. Follow the 7 steps below and begin buying affordable, reliable, and high quality medical marijuana.

1. Send in your State Application… NOW!

We recommend that you do not wait to find an MMJ Caregiver to send your application to the state. When you find an MMJ Caregiver you may add them to your registry at any time without delay.  Many caregivers will not register patients who have not received their card yet. Be sure to ask your prospect of any such stipulations to avoid surprises.

2. Interview your MMJ Caregiver

You should begin by honestly assessing your needs first. Travel distance, grow habits, delivery frequency, caregiver availability, and strains available are some of the points to be covered in the initial interview. [We shamelessly mention that all this information easily available at]  But anything else that is critically important to you should be discussed at this time.

3.  Meeting for the first time

Choose a public area like a food court, restaurant or the like. It’s best to avoid home visits at this stage. You don’t need to know where your MMJ Caregiver lives or grows yet anyhow. Select a meeting place that might be used to take your deliveries and judge the travel distance and the area. Your MMJ caregiver may even have access to a professional office or provisioning center. Be courteous, clean, and professional.  Sadly even today caregivers are taking big risks to supply you with medicine. You can help them by being discrete and leaving your favorite marijuana leaf t-shirt at home. At this meeting you can be more personal and get answers to any concerns you may have.

4. Sending a Change Form to the State

The two of you will decide who will do the mailing, and who will pay the change form fees. As an MMJ Caregiver myself I prefer to do the mailing and pay the associated postage and state fees. A Certified Mail/Return Receipt is the safest quickest way to register. A receipt will be mailed back to you when it arrives and a legal supply may begin in 21 days if all of the information is correct on the change forms, and accepted by the state. Your new cards will arrive soon after. It’s important to keep the name, address, and contact information of your MMJ caregiver a private matter.

An MMJ caregiver and patient should arrange communication channels (email/phone/etc). MMJ Caregivers often arrange deliveries back to back so please keep your appointments. Your caregiver owes their other patients the same courtesy. Your first meeting may be awkward but soon you’ll probably be like old friends.

5. Strain Review

Soon after each delivery it’s important for your MMJ Caregiver know what you do and don’t like about the strains provided. There is no reliable way to know what you’ll favor. This changes from one patient to another, and even from day to day. Don’t assume that because you don’t like something it is a poor quality product. Another patient might dislike your favorites too.

6.  Not Happy?

If you’re unsatisfied with your MMJ caregiver services/products you should first discuss the issue with your caregiver and see if you can come to an agreement. Having tried that, if you’re still unsatisfied, or if the problems are just too egregious, you may remove or replace the MMJ caregiver using the State of Michigan MMMP change form. Be sure to inform your caregiver of any changes – this may effect his or her garden.

[If you found your MMJ caregiver on Grassmatch, be sure to leave a detailed review for your caregiver]


Proper communication will go a long way to provide you and your MMJ caregiver with a satisfying experience. Good luck to you. We hope for good fortune in your life.

Your Friends

The next Grassmatch Video idea: “The Drug War is Definitely working”

I woke up with the idea to do a 95% dramatic, 5% tongue in cheek- extremely low budget film ~1 minute long specifically to talk about the human loss and tragedy of the war against Marijuana. Starting from the insane way Marijuana was first banned “I think it’s something that the negros use…” / cotton farmer lobbying against hemp, moving onto the human cost of MJ prohibition using relatable figures. Like instead of how many millions of people have been put away for Marijuana charges how many lifetimes have been lost to the war and how many football stadiums worth of people that would equal out to. I’ll pepper in some quotes from poetry and pop culture that accurately describe the racism and more importantly the pain underpinning MJ prohibition. Immediately the Outkast lyric “Marijuana Illegal but Cigarettes cool, I might look kinda funny but I ain’t no fool” and Killer Mike’s lyric:

They declared the war on drugs like a war on terror
But it really did was let the police terrorize whoever
But mostly black boys, but they would call us “ni$&@rs”

And lay us on our belly, while they fingers on they triggers

I’m split as to whether or not to censor the N word. I do find the word extremely offensive but the artist was black and rightfully pissed off and it’s a bit like censoring the N word in Huckleberry Finn.

And of course some actual poetry, not just the rap music I know off the top of my head. The Killer Mike’s quote leads the vid nicely into the militarization of police and MJ violence such as the recent no-knock raid police shooting (yes police injuries/deaths count). And of course highlighting all the people injured/killed by police enforcing Marijuana Prohibition. Perhaps starting as just a list of a few well known cases and then quickly adding more and more as the screen pans out giving the impression of… well something like the P.O.W. and war memorials you see were the list is just overwhelming and tragic.

This leads us into the tongue in cheek part – that all of this suffering, racism, and horror was so all the country would look less like the Wastelands of Colorodo (happy pictures of them celebrating legalization) and Washington. Video would be called “The drug war is working” or “The drug war is definitely working” and it would just be sponsored by (A medical Marijuana Site) instead of obvious branding like the last video.

The last Grassmatch Video

So the last Grassmatch Short Video is here: Do you like the video – did I miss the mark?

We did it all in Detroit with Detroit FIlmmaker Sam Logan Khaleghi. His blog is here btw. It was a lot of fun to make, and I love supporting Michigan Companies

The core message is that :

A) You should NOT feel embarrassed about Medical Marijuana use, it’s everywhere, it’s legitimate, one of your neighbors uses it and the other one grows it!

B) is a convenient and appropriate method to use to find your patient or caregiver online.

6 Steps to obtaining Medical Marijuana in Mi

Share if you believe in legal, safe access for Medical Marijuana Patients. Like if you dig the Grassmatch Message! If you just want a caregiver to guide you through the entire process from the beginning you can find one at
How do you obtain Medical Marijuana in Michigan?

1)      First, obtain a physicians recommendation for Marijuana. Physician recommendations usually come from a Marijuana Certification Specialist. You can find them with a quick google search such as “Marijuana Doctor + “city name” in Google. Or use a service like Be sure to call the clinic and ask them for their complete policies. You will leave the clinic with a complete application – just not totally filled out yet.

2) If you want to grow your own Marijuana, you may complete the state of Michigan Application and specify NO CAREGIVER. “NO CAREGIVER” cards are also often used to:

A) Make one-time purchases of marijuana

B) As legal protection for street purchases / possession of marijuana

C) Make Marijuana purchases from certain dispensaries and clubs. ( or are very good sites to compare dispensaries and get reviews)

3)     If you decide you want a caregiver, I.E. a professional to regularly purchase Medical Marijuana From – you could find them by making a quick patient profile at and browsing through caregiver profiles. A caregiver could also be a friend, family member, or just any Marijuana Farmer you happen to know and like.  Any caregiver you select will need to fill their portion of your MMMP application.

4) MAKE AND KEEP COPIES OF YOUR COMPLETE APPLICATION.  With the application completed and payment enclosed you, or your caregiver, will need to send the application into the State of Michigan.

5) Once your application is approved by the state, with or without a caregiver, you are legally allowed to purchase and possess up to 2.5 ozs of marijuana from anyone in the state.

You will eventually receive either a rejection letter – which is typically just a response from the State letting you know they need more information (e.x. you filled out your app incorrectly) or… Your shiny new Medical Marijuana Card!

Now for some good to know info!

1)      It is  illegal to sell marijuana outside of a caregiver/patient relationship in Michigan.

2)      It is unlawful to keep marijuana in a moving vehicle anywhere else but in a locked case, preferably in the trunk but definitely out of reach of the vehicles occupants

3)      A caregiver is simply a person that supplies you with Marijuana in accordance with state laws.

4)      A good caregiver will take the time to figure out what works best for you and will have it available for you consistently. We’ve got a lot more information about that here and in the rest of this blog.

5)      Good caregiver services are rarely free. Prices vary, but extremely high quality medication can be had for $200 / oz through a qualified, professional caregiver.

6)     It is extremely easy, and inexpensive ($10), to change from a “NO CAREGIVER” card to a “CAREGIVER” card. The same $10 and the same “MMMP Change Form” can be used to switch caregivers as well.

I am not a lawyer, and this is not legal advice.

The state of Michigan has a comprehensive FAQ about Medical Marijuana here. My friends over at A2wellness also put together a nice FAQ here.

5 “GOTCHA!” questions to ask a Medical Marijuana Dealer

As a Medical Marijuana Patient you rely on your Caregiver, Budtender, or club owner to be knowledgeable about the medicine they are selling. Luckily – most people selling Medical Marijuana are more than willing – nay, excited! to talk about their products. Here are some GOTCHA questions you can ask them to help you weed out the good dealers from the occasional bad apple.

1) Sativa or Indica?

Does it smoke like a sativa – giving you an upbeat energetic feeling, or does it smoke like an indica – locking you hard into the couch? In between the two extremes? You will need to test it out for yourself to figure out what works, but understanding the categories will be very useful for you in treating your condition.

This is a really basic question, but I have heard new upstarts get it wrong or get confused about it. Folks with insomnia generally don’t want a sativa strain that will keep them awake, and people with depression sometimes don’t want a heavy indica strain effecting their productivity.

In other cases, I have had patients whose muscle spasms would worsen with sativa-dominant strains but still needed to be productive as they dealt with their chronic pain. For these patients, a 50-50 hybrid works really well.

2) How was it cured?

It is well known that patients prefer cured rather than fresh dried cannabis. This is an extra step though – and means that the cannabis producer has to be a little more patient bringing his product to market.

A good cure occurs in air tight containers, often mason jars. Highlights of a good cure is an even burn rate, less coughing, and even slightly better potency!

3) How is it stored?

Cannabis is best stored in a cool, dry place in vacuum sealed glass containers.  For high volume places like cannabis shops, dispensaries, etc, don’t be surprised or alarmed if it’s not vacuum sealed.

In my humble opinion there is no better sound than the PSSST of a sealed jars vacuum being open when you ask a caregiver to bring out his “head stash” (highest quality MJ)

4) Which pesticides were used?

I am going to shock and alarm some people with this. I’ve been growing indoors for 4 years now and I can tell you for certain you don’t need pesticides to have an excellent, reliable indoor crop harvest after harvest. Strong plants defend themselves, and the ability of good growers to control their environment completely negates any advantage pest populations could have on a crop. Outdoor, and dirt and organic growers may occasionally need a different solution.

Still, just like our nations food producers, many cannabis growers choose to use pesticides in their crop.  All-natural NEEM oil, rosemary, thyme, etc extracts are all used to bolster plants natural defenses and scare off pests regularly. You can decide for yourself whether you are comfortable with this, or even non-natural pesticides, in your marijuana.

5) Is the Cannabis grown organically or not?

There are some wrong answers to this question: “I’m not sure”, “…..LONG PAUSE”, or a lie. The bottom line is you should feel comfortable with the cannabis you are getting and the dealer selling the marijuana should both (A) know the answer and (B) be able to defend his position.

For example, I’ve used organic nutrition to feed my plants in the past – but I found that it was too much work (10+ hours /wk extra mixing dirt, dealing with worms, hand watering plants, etc). I found that all that extra work left me with less free time to be a good caregiver, start Grassmatch, and have a life. Besides that, frankly I would find myself slacking off. When I switched to hydroponics, my products got better, my patients got happier, and I got my life back .


10 things a great Medical Marijuana Caregiver will do

Medical Marijuana Caregivers supply patients with cannabis for medicinal reasons.  This is the only thing that, by definition, separates a caregiver from a garden variety pot dealer.

Picking a caregiver is a lot like picking an employee, it can seem Daunting – but often the tell-tale signs are right in front of your face.  Don’t be afraid of this task, most caregivers are great. Lets get to the list of what makes a good caregiver:

1) They show up on time.

You can imagine how annoying it is for a patient to schedule a meeting with a caregiver – only to have that caregiver not show up. Being punctual shows you are professional, and that there is no funny business going on behind the scenes. Patients have more choice than ever in Caregivers and if you don’t show up? You might just get replaced by someone who does.

2) They are dressed well

Most patients like to keep a good public image – and a caregiver that shows up poorly dressed and/or stinky to a meeting can really tarnish that image. DOUBLE that if the caregiver shows up in a shirt with a pot leaf, marlboro special shirt, etc.  That doesn’t mean that a caregiver should show up in a suit and tie – but good caregivers should ask themselves: “Do I blend in with the neighborhood?” If the answer is no, you need to shape up your wardrobe.

I once got a visit from a caregiver whose shirt read “Smoke Weed Everyday”. While I think it’s funny, I also take it as a sign of immaturity.  Surely it’s better for business to be a little discrete?

3) They have a decent car

Driving marijuana around is a typical and necessary part of being a caregiver. This is a really simple one – do they drive a run-of-the mill, non-suspicious vehicle? It needn’t be a Bentley nor an F-150 (America’s best selling vehicle), it just needs to be decent. A caregiver that drives around with a loud stereos, loud exhaust, broken lights, bad license, illegal tints, very large rims, etc is just asking for trouble .  Home delivery needn’t be scary, and can be just as convenient and awesome as getting a pizza delivered. But if you are troubled or annoyed before your caregiver even steps out of his car, move on to the next pick.

4) They offer a variety of Cannabis Products

A good caregiver should offer a variety of cannabis products on a regular rotation. That means different strains, different extracts, and a menu big enough to satisfy their patient.  That doesn’t mean that, as a caregiver, you should try to satisfy every possible patient or keep up with every possible new trend. That is a black hole that can turn your quality upside down. Instead, a caregiver should offer their new patients a variety of products and ask them what they like.

5) They tailor the medicine to you

A good caregiver knows what their patients like. It’s no good if a caregiver sells out of their patients favorites quickly and then is left only with unloved products.

Patients, this is a learning process for a caregiver – even a really, really good one. If you are a new patient, you might have to wait a few months for your caregiver to shuffle things around and produce your favorites – especially if you require large quantities of Marijuana.The important thing is that they make the commitment to you to produce the products you want and have them available for you.

6) They offer a reasonable price

A good caregiver charges substantially less for his medication (or offers substantially better quality) than any nearby dispensary.  In fact, a caregiver should be able to supply you with medication at roughly 60% the cost of a dispensary. That is a big reason to seek out and keep a good caregiver.

Check out for an idea of what marijuana goes for in your area, and also dispensary prices through or

7) They have good quality marijuana

A thousand things can go wrong in a grow operation, and often new caregivers find themselves overwhelmed with problems. I assure you, this is usually caused by improper planning and misinformed individuals rather than just bad luck.

Consuming a caregivers marijuana before  selecting them is best. But if you can’t there are a number of tell tale signs of bad pot – and you’d be surprised how often obviously bad pot is sold to unsuspecting patients. If you are a new medical patient, I advise you to read my next post 6 Ways to Tell if your Weed is Good.

8) They pass a background check

It’s one thing to have a pot possession misdemeanor in your past, it’s another thing entirely to beat your wife and rob your neighbor. No state licenses serious felons to be a caregiver. This is a very good thing! As a patient – you won’t know this unless you fill out your paperwork with the caregiver and wait for the state to get back to you.

Instead, I recommend you run a background check using your State’s online background check tool. In Michigan, the system is called iChat and it works wonders. You will need your potential caregivers full name and date of birth, and it won’t tell you about out-of-state crimes – but it’s a good start.  It is also a good idea to just ask your caregiver about their record – if they are professional and good at their jobs they’ll understand.

9) They are knowledgeable

Do they understand the difference between a sativa and an indica? Do they understand when they should harvest? Curing techniques? As a patient you rely on your caregiver to be knowledgeable. Lucky for you, I’ve compiled a list of 5 gotcha questions to ask potential caregivers.

10 They say no to drugs

OK, OK, I can feel the irony too. However, it is important that your caregiver does not abuse any drug – especially hard drugs.  Crackheads, pillheads,  heroine junkies, and alcoholics simply make bad caregivers. You’d be surprised what people will tell you if you ask them directly. A straightforward question like “how many drinks do you have in a week” or “do you do any drugs besides marijuana” deserve a straightforward response.


Even though picking a caregiver can seem like a daunting task – I assure you that most caregivers out there are quite good. And now that you can spot the bad ones from a mile away – you are over-prepared to make a good decision!

Share this article if you liked it, and feel free to leave comments!

How to Tell if Your Weed is Good

How to Tell if your Weed is Good

Producing Marijuana is an art as well as a science.  There are many different methods for preparing herb for consumption, and most produce excellent results. Occasionally, however, subpar Marijuana gets into the hands of a medical Marijuana Patient. Fortunately, there are plenty of tell tale signs you are getting a raw deal from your caregiver. How to tell if your weed is good, in just 6 easy-bake steps.

1) Wet weed

A person that gives you wet weed is either ignorant or greedy, or both. Wet weed weighs more than dry weed – so we have the greed part covered. What about the ignorance? First of all  – just like wet wood – wet cannabis doesn’t burn as well as dry.  Not only does the burn rate go down, but cannabis needs drying in order to activate it’s psychoactive ingredients. Most importantly, wet weed is very prone to high levels of mold that can be very dangerous for immune-suppressed patients.  If you have any clue how to tell if your weed is good, you won’t buy the wet stuff.

2) Compressed Cannabis

Compressed cannabis generally comes from a vacuum sealed bag or a brick. It is a sign that you MIGHT be dealing with a drug dealer who has recently converted to being a caregiver. Compressed weed is not necessarily low quality, but buyer beware. People who really know how to tell if your weed is good also know to “pay less for compressed!”

In this article, a marijuana insider sarcastically says this in regards to brick weed

It’s hard to believe drug gangs are killing each other over this stuff.

3) Brown / Moldy Smelling Weed

Good marijuana comes in a variety of colors and flavors. Some patients prefer a nice fruity smelling cannabis – and some patients prefer their weed wreak like a skunk or like cheese. Some strains of marijuana downright smell offensive to my nose – but that doesn’t mean it’s bad.
However, you should check very large nugs for bud rot, which looks as disgusting as it sounds. If you see or smell any black or white mold then you should not only pass on the cannabis – you should pass on that caregiver entirely. There are serious health risks associated with mold, especially for immunosuppressed patients. Moldy weed is also a common scare tactic for news organizations, as seen in this CBS article. As you see – knowing how to tell if your weed is good can be important to your health!

4) Loose / Fluffy nugs

Amazing marijuana buds can be had in huge chunks or small portions. Some strains are also naturally fluffy, where others are naturally more dense.

Determining if a sample or bag you’ve just purchased is overly fluffy is tough – you’ve got to have some experience with the strain to be really sure. However if you can hold the bud up to a strong light source and light peaks through – you either have a bad grow or are getting “bottom nugs”.  “Bottom Nugs” receive very little light during the growing process. Good growers know these buds should never be sold as-is, and are instead pruned early in the growing process or used later for concentrates.

5) Crystal Shine!

All well grown cannabis appears frosty when exposed to light. This quality is sometimes called frost, crystals, trichs, or most correctly “trichomes”.  The Marijuana plant develops trichomes as a defense mechanism for various MJ loving pests and to trap pollen. A strong, fertile female cannabis plant will always have an abundance of trichomes.

Cannabis can lose it’s glisten quickly in hot grow rooms.  You’ll also loose the frosting due to:

  • Getting “beat up” by fans and heavy winds
  • General poor plant health and development
  • rough handling.

Those who know how to tell if your weed is good will say “if it doesn’t shine it’s hardly worth your time!”.

6) Seeds

Heavily seeded marijuana can still be excellent – but even the best seeded marijuana will sell at a 40% discount or more. It is a basic fact of nature that a female marijuana plant that is busy producing seeds will be less busy producing strong marijuana. Those that know how to tell if your weed is good all agree-Seedless marijuana (sinsemella) has been the holy grail for hundreds, if not thousands, of years.

It’s typical for marijuana plants -especially those picked for a late harvest – to have a seed or two. Finding one or two seeds in an ounce of great marijuana should be seen as a gift. Save the seed, every excellent strain started from a seed!

However, an abundance of seeds – particularly infant seeds – definitely indicates subprime cannabis. If you got it unknowingly from a good caregiver, dispensary, or club – you are entitled to a big discount, return, or money back on your purchase.


So there you have it folks, now you know how to tell if your weed is good. If the marijuana looks good, and passes all the tests – it’s probably of respectable quality. That does not, however, mean you’ll enjoy it. In the world of marijuana, one mans trash is truly another mans treasure. And there are great deals to be found especially with less popular strains. Happy hunting!