Medical Marijuana Caregivers in Michigan

Medical Marijuana Caregivers in Michigan

What’s the difference between a caregiver and a drug dealer?

A medical marijuana caregiver is a person whom supplies cannabis for any medical reason. Contrast this to a drug dealer, whom almost always supply marijuana (and typically other drugs) for recreational purposes.

A few Medical Marijuana Caregivers in Michigan revel in the fact that others still consider them drug dealers. But most prefer to distance themselves from that label. In my travels I would say that the vast majority of medical marijuana caregivers in Michigan attempt to stay within the letter of the Michigan Medical Marijuana (Marihuana) Law.

Find a Medical Marijuana Caregiver in Michigan



We have made finding a Medical Marijuana Caregiver in Michigan easy. We provide you with a list of local caregivers, you can sort them in a myriad of ways. Create an account and start searching in less than 5 minutes. Grassmatch also certifies caregivers, and provides a way to communicate with them anonymously and safety. You can also read and write reviews. Did we mention this is all free? Pretty sweet deal, if you ask us.

Whats special about Medical Marijuana Caregivers in Michigan?

By definition, a medical marijuana caregiver in Michigan must supply marijuana only to alleviate their own patients symptoms. That is a subtle but very important distinction in the law. People have gone to jail because they failed to understand this.

Lets see how this really works.

Imagine a medical marijuana caregiver in Michigan. This caregiver supplies any patient with cannabis to alleviate their medical conditions. Unfortunately, Michigan may prosecute this caregiver as a drug dealer. Now imagine a caregiver that supplies only their own patients with marijuana. This caregiver doesn’t have a good understanding of their patients medical conditions. The State of Michigan may consider this person a drug dealer.

Remember – if it wasn’t written down it often doesn’t count in court. This is why we recommend caregivers keep a records of their correspondence and follow ups with their patients.

What does a Medical Marijuana Caregiver in Michigan do?

Medical Marijuana Caregivers in Michigan, besides trying to keep themselves out of Jail, typically grow the cannabis they sell. Cannabis prefers a very sunny, 75F, 50% relative humidity environment. Michigan’s weather doesn’t cooperate like that, so many Medical Marijuana caregivers in Michigan take to growing their medicine indoors. At the very least, full time caregivers grow partially indoors and in Greenhouses. Growing is a fascinating and rewarding hobby, but not something I recommend to people with limited free time or those who do not own their own property.

How much money can a Medical Marijuana Caregiver in Michigan Make?

Not very much. To summarize, Medical Marijuana Caregiver in Michigan get 5 patients only. They can only sell marijuana to those patients for their medical symptoms. As noted by many of Michigan’s leading physicians, usually patients can alleviate their symptoms on 1 oz per week or less. Before we get any hate mail, we should tell you that this is just an estimate. Every patient should be evaluated on an individual basis.

Now we need to make some assumptions to figure out what the salary for a caregiver might be. We assume a sale price of $225 / oz, a production price that averages $100 /oz, and patient consumption consistently of 1 oz / wk. The salary for a fully compliant Caregiver in Michigan is thus $30,000 at best.  Realistically, they will make a lot less because only a few patients will need 4 oz/mo consistently. That’s not a lot of money considering Medical Marijuana Caregivers in Michigan risk their livelihood and freedom.

At Grassmatch, we know how important it is for caregivers to keep 5 good patients signed up at all times. Next, they should attack their costs. Did you know, for example, that hydroponic store nutrients are marked up 1600%+ over horticultural grade nutrients? It’s true, we did the math! A high quality horticultural grade fertilizer (Jacks Professional + Calcium Nitrate), modified for use with marijuana crops with a few key ingredients is much cheaper than the store bought “nutes”.

Plus, the sun and many organic fertilizers (compost, worm bins) are virtually free! With these tricks and a few more, we’ve seen costs as low as $37 /oz indoors. Not bad!

Where are Medical Marijuana Caregivers in Michigan Headed?

We can only guess. Pandora’s box has been opened in several other states allowing for the sale of Marijuana recreationally through heavily taxed government approved channels. With costs of $300 per oz and above, naturally the grey market is flourishing. What we do know – growers selling marijuana directly to consumers will continue to be good business.

The next Grassmatch Video idea: “The Drug War is Definitely working”

I woke up with the idea to do a 95% dramatic, 5% tongue in cheek- extremely low budget film ~1 minute long specifically to talk about the human loss and tragedy of the war against Marijuana. Starting from the insane way Marijuana was first banned “I think it’s something that the negros use…” / cotton farmer lobbying against hemp, moving onto the human cost of MJ prohibition using relatable figures. Like instead of how many millions of people have been put away for Marijuana charges how many lifetimes have been lost to the war and how many football stadiums worth of people that would equal out to. I’ll pepper in some quotes from poetry and pop culture that accurately describe the racism and more importantly the pain underpinning MJ prohibition. Immediately the Outkast lyric “Marijuana Illegal but Cigarettes cool, I might look kinda funny but I ain’t no fool” and Killer Mike’s lyric:

They declared the war on drugs like a war on terror
But it really did was let the police terrorize whoever
But mostly black boys, but they would call us “ni$&@rs”

And lay us on our belly, while they fingers on they triggers

I’m split as to whether or not to censor the N word. I do find the word extremely offensive but the artist was black and rightfully pissed off and it’s a bit like censoring the N word in Huckleberry Finn.

And of course some actual poetry, not just the rap music I know off the top of my head. The Killer Mike’s quote leads the vid nicely into the militarization of police and MJ violence such as the recent no-knock raid police shooting (yes police injuries/deaths count). And of course highlighting all the people injured/killed by police enforcing Marijuana Prohibition. Perhaps starting as just a list of a few well known cases and then quickly adding more and more as the screen pans out giving the impression of… well something like the P.O.W. and war memorials you see were the list is just overwhelming and tragic.

This leads us into the tongue in cheek part – that all of this suffering, racism, and horror was so all the country would look less like the Wastelands of Colorodo (happy pictures of them celebrating legalization) and Washington. Video would be called “The drug war is working” or “The drug war is definitely working” and it would just be sponsored by (A medical Marijuana Site) instead of obvious branding like the last video.