The people of Grand Rapids Have Spoken, Grassmatch 2.0

The people want Grassmatch, but the sign up process is too hard. As every page of the 5-10 minute sign up drones on, fewer and fewer users remain on for the party.

So we decided to make the sign up process take about 30s. And I am bumping up the font and the load times so that it’s easy to do even from your phone.

{We know this because we collect a lot of anonymous usage data on the Grassmatch Site. It’s not “Debbie sent Mark a Message” type of data collection, but more like “648 people visited Grassmatch From Grand Rapids in a single day, but no one signed up type of data”}

Here is my first experimental homepage. Designed to encourage signups. What do you think – can I make it any easier? Is it too easy now? Only time and the data will tell 🙂





Slide4The last slide I really like, because we’ve had problems with people not actually activating their account. My message about this is just too small right now, one could miss it!

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