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Ordering Information

Min Monthly Budget: $100

Max Monthly Budget: $3200

Delivery Radius: 50 Miles

Organic Medicine: Yes

Zip Code: 49503

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Product Type: Bud
  • 1 Ounce : $175

About BushmasterBrey Medicine

Organic medicine only. Will never use harmful products on your medicine! Open and honest... I use Nectar for the Gods nutrients - Pro Level.

Options include bud, oil, tincture, vape juice, wax, rosin, edibles, butter and more! Free delivery seven days a week. Satisfaction is guatenteed!

Do not hesitate to ask additional questions! I am more than happy to help yourself find exactly what works best for your specific needs.

About BushmasterBrey

I focus on producing organic, top quality bud. I have achieved a very positive reputation by always taking care of my patients. I value being open and honest... so please, feel free to ask any questions! It should be important for you to know how your medicine is being produced!

I feed with Pro Level Nectar for the God nutrients. Always pest and disease free with a fully controlled environment to deliver the quality and consistency you are looking for. I am looking to build a long term relationship with any potential patient.

Please contact me and let me know what you are looking for from a caregiver. If our needs/wants match up well, we can meet up and discuss how to move forward.

Thank you!!



Brey is perfect for me as I begin to learn what is best and how to apply what is needed for my health. Very patient, kind - readily available and listens carefully to encouraged feedback.


Great guy! Had everything i could possibly need plus more! We will be in touch in the future for sure!