Dispencery is a Caregiver (grower)

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Ordering Information

Min Monthly Budget: $50

Max Monthly Budget: $10001

Delivery Radius: 40 Miles

Organic Medicine: No

Zip Code: 49120

Products Available

Lots of different

Product Type: Bud
  • 1 Gram : $15
  • 1/8 Ounce : $45
  • 1/4 Ounce : $70
  • 1/2 Ounce : $140
  • 1 Ounce : $270

Cheese cake w/cbd/thc oil

Product Type: Others
  • 1/2 Gram : $0

Cbd / thc oil

Product Type: Oil
  • 1 Gram : $20

About Dispencery Medicine

All of our plans are grown on advanced are medication comes in many forms for the convenience of our patients we do are very best to meet each patients individual need are produced is top quality or your money back we take great pride in do what we love that is helping people to grow great medicine is a passion and we definitely have passion and drive

About Dispencery

Hello, my husband and I are caregivers, researchers that always push each other to our max limits to make the best out of each other we set out two years ago now to help as many people as we can and looking back now we would have never guessed we would have accomplished all we have and we are eager to help all of you we have all of the top quality and quantity to fill each individual patient needs thank you we look forward to meeting you [removed]