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Min Monthly Budget: $50

Max Monthly Budget: $1000

Delivery Radius: 50 Miles

Zip Code: 48504

About Midmichmeds Medicine

I've been growing medical marijuana for over 10 years. I also do oil extractions.

I'm not one of the many people who falsely claim that my meds are 100% organic. It's nearly impossible for anyone to make such a claim with honesty. I use commercial hydroponic fertilizers. I DO NOT use any form of pesticide or fungicide.

About Midmichmeds

I%u2019m a 46-year-old guy with two adult kids, own a home/vehicles, and have been employed full time in engineering for almost 25 years. I%u2019m laid-back and easy to get along with until I%u2019m pushed too far. I%u2019m not greedy. Sure I make a little bit of money, but I%u2019ve always tried to keep my prices definitely lower than average and probably lower than nearly everyone else. With the initial investment I made in my grow operation, my costs are now a lot lower that most other growers%u2019 costs, which means I can (and do) pass the savings on to patients.

I had a full load (5) of patients for years, and most of them were the same patients year-to-year. I don%u2019t like dealing with a lot of people. In the last year, I had one patient move out-of-state and two others (a husband and wife) decide not to renew their cards (husband got cured of cancer and quit using MMJ; the wife uses maybe ? oz per year so she stocked up and let her card expire). So I%u2019m open to new patients, but I%u2019m very careful whom I work with. I generally find that I identify best with people who are age 35 .

I have almost never grown my entire allotment of plants. So I am in a position to help a patient who wants to grow their own. For the right patient, I will offer advice and free used equipment so you can get started for minimal cost.