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Min Monthly Budget: $8

Max Monthly Budget: $480

Delivery Radius: 20 Miles

Organic Medicine: No

Zip Code: 49048

About RawGorillaGlue4 Medicine

I grow in coco,worm castings,bat guano,kelp,fish,coconut water,tiger bloom,big bloom,Big bud,Overdrive,cal mag,fulvic and humic acids,silica,aloe vera,and molasses.For pest control i use neem oil and bleach water,sticky traps and nematodes only in veg.

SFV OG $250 oz,$125 1/2,$65 1/4,$35 1/8,$10 g

Purple alien Cookies $350 oz,$175 1/2,$90 1/4,$45 1/8,$15 g

About RawGorillaGlue4

Small grower in the kalamazoo area 269 or 365 call 4384.

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