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Ordering Information

Min Monthly Budget: $100

Max Monthly Budget: $1000

Delivery Radius: 50 Miles

Organic Medicine: No

Zip Code: 48836

Products Available

100% Indica

Product Type: Bud
  • 1 Ounce : $200

Generic Whatever

Product Type: Shake
  • 1 Ounce : $160

Top Shelf Bud

Product Type: Bud
  • 1 Ounce : $200

Extraction Products

Product Type: Oil
  • 1 Gram : $30

About WeedRich Medicine

Clean, consistent, and high quality. Varieties include: Sour Kush, Sunshine #4, Gorilla Glue 4, Grape Jelly, Green Gelato, Blue Dream, ACDC, Silver Buddha Haze, La Sage, GSCE, Plum Fairy (Sakura X Silver Lotus), MAC1, Wedding Cake, DeathStomper. Not all strains are available all the time. Reliable, regular patients will enjoy better rates. Will obtain and grow new strains upon request but realize it does take time (18-20 weeks).

About WeedRich

Reliable, dependable, no-nonsense looking for the same in a patient. Good communication. Fast response to texts, IMs, emails, & voicemail. Will drive distances to meet patients. Will obtain and grow new strains upon request but realize it does take time.



Great guy! Straight forward, reliable, honest and returns calls and texts quickly. Great meds, would recommend.

Response from WeedRich

Straight-forward, easy to get along with, and reliable. I enjoy working with Collin as a patient and for some friendly conversation.


Rich is a compassionate caregiver knowledgeable in hydroponics and his product is excellent! His response time to my need was timely and he went the extra mile to get to know my personal expectations.

Response from WeedRich

KathyS is a Patient who knows what she wants. She is straight-up, no-nonsense, says what she means. Genuine good person. I? could use another four patients just like her.


Very reliable care taker


Rich is a straightforward guy who knows what's up. He's very patient and compassionate. Even being as busy as he is, he comes through as a caregiver. His prices are very fair.


Review Removed


~Compassionate, dedicated, easy to work with and prompt~Patient, enjoyable, truly has a love for growing ~Works with you so you’ll never run out *DON’T MISS OUT, TRY THE TINCTURES! Heed his advice!


Rich knows what he is doing and is willing to ensure a content patient. Quality bud, no shortcuts, cured properly. A+++


Great clean bud tastes and smokes great gets you a good high ????????


QUALITY product and very reliable. Always an educational experience. Rich knows what he is doing and his hella good.


Nice guy, very accommodating. Great Hybrid.

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