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Ordering Information

Min Monthly Budget: $1000

Max Monthly Budget: $100000

Delivery Radius: 50 Miles

Organic Medicine: No

Zip Code: 48103

Products Available

Indoor Flower - Ann Arbor

Product Type: Bud
  • 1 Gram : $5

Shatter - Ann Arbor

Product Type: Oil
  • 1 Ounce : $420

About a2m3clones Medicine

Indoor grow and nursery.
Wholesale flower available for MMMP caregivers.
For teen plants & clones please visit: A2M3.ORG

MMMP Compliant.

About a2m3clones


A2M3 is always looking for MMMP cardholders to register as our patients. If you are not interested in growing but would like access to wholesale pricing please reach out. We can provide lab tested: Flower $5/g, Rosin $20/g, BHO $15g, free edible oil.



Great meds at a fair price. Was on time and a pleasure to deal with.

Response from a2m3clones

Great communication. Thank you sir.