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Ordering Information

Min Monthly Budget: $500

Max Monthly Budget: $2000

Delivery Radius: 75 Miles

Organic Medicine: Yes

Zip Code: 49912

Products Available

BHO Shatter Concentrates

Product Type: Oil
  • 1 Gram : $40
  • 1/8 Ounce : $120


Product Type: Bud
  • 1/8 Ounce : $40
  • 1/4 Ounce : $70
  • 1/2 Ounce : $120
  • 1 Ounce : $200

About joescha22 Medicine

My UP grown medicine is Organically grown free of any pesticides (organic or not). I use only rainwater to water the plants.
Currently I have BHO shatter extracts made from my gorilla glue x blue dream
Lots of bud strains for sale

About joescha22

I am a genetic engineer turned organic Farmer. I grow high quality UP medicine and culinary/ medicinal mushrooms : Oysters, shiitaki and wild harvested Chaga.

I also grow and sell nutrient packed microgreens (beans, lentils and broccoli sprouts) loaded with anti cancerous nutrition. Check out the research on cruciferous vegetable sprouts: