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Ordering Information

Min Monthly Budget: $100

Max Monthly Budget: $4000

Delivery Radius: 100 Miles

Organic Medicine: Yes

Zip Code: 49938

About pearsonr426 Medicine

All high quality trimmed buds, flushed very well,more strains available, ask about other strains available not on list. Average donation rate ,sometimes will differ in donation depending on quality. Busy but will find time to possibly deliver depending on distance and donation amount. Email me for content info. Must be Michigan resident ,active michigan medial maijuhana card holder ,valid id only. Strains gorilla glue 4,honey cream, blue dream, trainwreck,purple chemdawg,blueberry bubble gum, kryptonite more to come very soon! Also RSO and medical chocolate 100mg per bar cookies n cream, mint chocolate, smores bar,chocloate covered cherry bombs too,or any other medibles can be made.

About pearsonr426

Affordable Delivery now available!!!!Always trying to provide the best quality meds for my patients. I am always tryin to produce the greatest quality strains that have the greatest medical properties for my patients. I like to hear feed back of the medicine and how it works for my patients and always trying to find a way to provide meds for my patients without them having to smoke or give up plant rights. Sublingual, vaporization, or oral uses will be prepared for them. Other preparations requested will be granted to be made for them specifically for their treatment route. If no desired effects of THC then CBD will be recommended in almost any form possible. meds will always reach patient needs for medical quality. Will deliver anytime to my patients especially winter time!!!



Great caregiver, always putting his patients first. Has great quality meds, ranging from appetite, nausea, sleep, pain, if you need something special just ask he will make it happen. I recommend him.

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