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Ordering Information

Min Monthly Budget: $200

Max Monthly Budget: $1200

Delivery Radius: 35 Miles

Organic Medicine: No

Zip Code: 49544

About peeter Medicine

Here are the strains I have in house atm...

Indica or sativa no trouble...... ask me for a stain list of the genetics I can get.....its really amazing......

The list is too long to put in but here are some of the strains I have in house at this point....
grease monkey
granddaddy purple
sundae driver
motorbreath 15
alien rock candy
romo chemo
super lemon haze

agent orange
double tangie banana
forbidden fruit
northern wreck
original glue....gg4
blue cookies
face off og

next order
skywalker og
papas og
durban poison
blue dream
chemdog 4
alaskan thunder fuck
og kush
pineapple chunk

afghan kush
sour og
holy grail
707 headband
tangarine dream

jack herer
sour diesel
abusive og
mother of berries
banana og

ftuity pebbles
ghost train haze
pineapple express
strawberry cough
super silver haze
white fire og

these are the strains and the order they will be run in,,,,

if you would like a more complete list....please msg me or for more info

About peeter

Oct 13
I have run into a gold mine of clones.... literally I can get a couple hundred strains..... So I am going to offer a whole new
patient caregiver relationship...
With the crazy access to all these strains Im going to offer patients the ability to order the strains they want me to grow.....

The strain list is to be be born again.... This is an incredible difference in how other caregivers work....



Excellent caregiver ! Top quality! Easy to work with and very knowledgeable. Has a great variety !! Affordable, high quality bud !!

Response from peeter

Im delighted you like the selection.....and quality.... This patient has been terrific she uses a consistant amount and can be relied upon for deliveries. Her assessments on quality are spot on


Great caregiver! Very knowledgeable and friendly, explains everything very clearly. Awesome product!

Response from peeter

Lovely intelligent young woman.... very respectful and appreciative..... great to work with.... A pleasure to have as a patiemt


This is an ideal caregiver with excellent meds! The perfect mix of selection and quality meets the perfect mix of professionalism and consistency. The hash is definitely worth the price as well.

Response from peeter

Excellent patient.... smart and funny guy Very reliable never missed an appointment..... never fussed about the small stuff....


Just talked with the man. Seems especially knowledgeable, serious, and friendly. And he is ex-USAF like me. Finest kind. I can't wait to meet him.