How Grassmatch Works


Grassmatch is an online farm to table marketplace that lets you - a vetted grower (caregiver) - find and communicate directly with patients in your area. Legal and safe, Grassmatch has launched in Michigan, California, Colorado, Oregon, Maine, and Rhode Island.

Patients join Grassmatch for free through our outreach efforts. We find patients online, in hydroponics stores, at certification centers, in head shops, and many other places.

Find your Perfect Patients

To help you use Grassmatch efficiently, we:

  • Investigate patients with poor reviews or who are reported by their grower (caregiver) and remove patients who are unreliable.
  • Give patients the option of becoming Grassmatch Validated to ensure that their paperwork is in order.
  • Ensure that those patients who no longer need a grower (caregiver) deactivate their accounts so they are removed from your search results.

Create a free basic account

You can immediately start finding and communicating with patients for free:

  • Click Apply Now to get your free grower (caregiver) account. (We don't ask for personally identifying information and we share your information with no one.)
  • We'll send you an email with a link; click that link to activate your account.
  • Log in and look for patients in your area

You can look at patient profiles and read ratings and reviews from other growers (caregivers). If you want to start a conversation with a patient, you can send them a message through Grassmatch.

Become a "Grassmatch Validated" Grower

To become Grassmatch Validated, add your preferences to your profile and show us documentation that you're a legal grower (caregiver) - which assures patients that you're a legitimate grower (caregiver).

NOTE: Patients trust that reviews come from other patients. If you review yourself, we will catch you and we will remove your account.

Welcome to Grassmatch!